Get ready for a new year with this fun Bible Quilt Journal calendar! This is a wonderful way to infuse scripture into your home with a fresh collection of verses each month.


This brand new product is formatted as an 8 x 10 wall calendar, but it's small enough to tuck in your bag to carry along with you. Each month has a blank Bible Quilt template for you to complete with your own verses.


Here's a video overview of the 2021 BQ Calendar.


If you have a friend or family member you've considered introducing to Bible Quilting but not sure if they're ready for a full journal, this could be a wonderful way to introduce them to the concept!


These calendars will make great gifts for the holiday season! Want to bless a friend, work colleague, church secretary with a meaningful present? Give these calendars as is...or complete a few pages with your favorite scriptures to get someone started.


Your kids could personalize them for their teachers or Sunday school teachers. Grandkids could help color and write scriptures to make a meaningful gift for grandparents to enjoy throughout 2021. Add family birthdays, anniversaries, etc as an added bonus for your gift recipient!


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***This is a lightweight item that will fit inside flat rate packaging with other journal materials purchased. Let me know if the online shop looks like it's estimating a higher shipping cost than expected.  The shipping options are not too flexible on this platform, so I'm trying to adjust on my end. If the added shipping cost doesn't phase you, then proceed through checkout and I'll throw in some templates to offset it.


**If you're only ordering the calendar, enter code SHIP4OFF to get $4 off shipping cost and I'll send it media rate.


Also,  if you're interested in purchasing multiple copies of the calendar, please contact me ( so I can batch them together to minimize your shipping costs and may even be able to discount the overall price based on the quantities ordered! 

2021 BQ Calendar

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