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What are Scripture Flip Cards all about?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

When we started doing monthly themes in our Bible Quilt Journals a couple years ago, I needed a place to collect all the verses I was harvesting for particular topics. I wanted them to be loose so I could move them around to figure out the sequence for a monthly layout.

29 Days of Heart flip card set

Gradually a format emerged that worked well to have enough room to write full scriptures, yet was small enough to carry with me. These square stacks of 30+ cards slipped onto a small binder ring could easily be flipped and rearranged as needed. I discovered it was handy to keep a set in my car to write scriptures out while I was waiting in the carpool line.

Last year I added a set in the back of the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal and uploaded a digital version of a flip card set into the online shop so others could try them out.

tip: Print them out on card stock for durability. You could even use colored card stock for a seasonal flair or to differentiate between multiple sets.

blank set of flip cards for Bible Quilt Journal

These little card sets have become a key part in my monthly Bible Quilting. As I look up the verses on our reference lists, I write out the full scripture on these cards. Sometimes I'll add the verse before or after to remind myself of the context in which the verse occurs. It's also helpful to write the verse in another translation onto the back of the card.

When I'm adding verses to my BQ page and have limited space in a quilt square, I'm better able to choose the phrase to highlight because I've already gotten familiar with the whole verse when I wrote it on the flip card earlier in the month.

Flip card set and Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

The act of simply writing scripture is a great memorization tool. When the whole set is complete, you've got a compact resource of 30 verses on a given topic. You can refer to these over and over again, or even bless a friend by giving them a set on a specific theme for a current challenge they're facing. Having handwritten verses to refer to during a difficult time provides comfort and strength with a personal touch.

scripture flip card set on Grace

You can even adapt these for focused prayer cards for loved ones, inserting names into scriptures you're claiming on their behalf.

Maybe you'd like to make a set with your own life verses?

A "starter" set with salvation verses would be a meaningful, yet non-threatening way to share your testimony with someone and a tangible resource for them to keep.

These sets are a great resource to share with kids or grandkids who might need encouragement. Making a set together as a family activity would be a special time in the Word.

We've built up almost two full years' worth of reference lists to give you a jump start on a wide variety of topics. Many are still available as individual lists you can download for free with the coupon code FREELIST.

If you'd like an idea about how the scripture flip cards fit into my process of monthly Bible Quilting works, here's a video overview.

I'd encourage you to find your own rhythm of how these work best for you. If you'd like a blank set that isn't numbered, there's one available here.

Using Scripture Flip Cards with our Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

2021 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal and year of flip card sets

Last year I experimented with having my local printer make a batch that was precut and hole-punched. It was so nice to have a set ready to go with whatever topic I was ready to start.

This year we're doing the 11-set bundles again with a couple modifications. Why eleven in a bundle? Because one set is already printed in the last few pages of the Monthly BQJ that gives you the full 12 months.

There's an open banner on the front card for you to add the title and plenty of space for you to personalize each set. The cards are black and white, so you can add your own color.

Year's worth of flip card sets

These printed, precut, hole-punched sets are a great way to get a jump start on the next year of scriptures! I've prepared a page of titles in a variety of fonts and colors for us to use on them.

Here are some tips regarding how to prep flip cards for our 2022 series, Drawing Near to God:

You can embellish these flip card sets as much as you'd like with stickers, washi tape, and bold colors as you write the verses. I've got some ladies that are even laminating them.

Thanks to Mary Jo for sharing her creativity with us!

You may want to decorate a set each month as you go, or use an embellishing technique on all of them in one fell swoop.

Have fun personalizing them in your own unique style!

We'd love to hear how you're using these little sets. Post photos in the comments below or share over in our FB group!

Remember to use #biblequiltjournal on social media so we can see what you're posting and encourage you along the way.

Here's the complete list of references for the 2022 Drawing Near to God series, formatted to be print and cut into bookmarks. You can use the flip card sets to write out the full scriptures to develop a handy resource.

2022 Drawing Near to God reference lists
Download PDF • 275KB

If you want to save time from printing, cutting, and hole punching the's a bundle of eleven that will give you a great start for the whole year!

I also made a combo option in the online shop to make the shipping costs more reasonable:

Alrighty, friends, that's the scoop on scripture flip card sets. Let me know if you have any questions or other ways you use them!


Come join us for the next BQ session this coming Tuesday evening and check out some of the new BQ goodies in the shop while enjoying some fun fellowship with local ladies!


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