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Print this file 2-sided on cardstock, then cut into 6 squares following the solid line. Trim around the outer dots as needed to even out the squares.


Punch holes in the upper corner on the circle and slide the cards onto a simple binder ring. You can clip the ring onto your Bible Quilt journal to use as a quick guide for verse ideas.


This is a great way to gather scripture references for your Bible Quilt journal pages, categorizing them until you have a chance to create in your journal!


You can also use this set as prayer cards for your family and friends. Simply write each person's name on a card, their birthday, and perhaps a favorite verse. As prayer needs come up for each individual, jot them down on the card. You can use the back of the card for specific scripture to pray over particular needs.


Is your child memorizing scripture for AWANA or Sunday School? Use this set to help them as a study aide. Involve them in preparing their memory verse set...each repetition of writing will help them memorize. Encourage them to doodle or illustrate the verse to help them visualize it better.


As you can see, there are MANY uses for this flip card set!


For the #abcsofthebible series, check out the ABC flip card set.

For a 30 or 31-day series, check out the monthly flip card sets.


Printables in this shop are intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.

Blank Flip Card set

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