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This is a digital version of the set of flip cards originally printed in the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal: Drawing Near to God.


Print this flip card file 2-sided on 8.5 x 11 -inch cardstock. (I use the option "flipped on short side" to get both sides aligned.) For each page, cut into 6 squares following along the solid line. You may want to trim around the outside edge to even out the 3 1/2-inch squares. There will be a few extra cards which you can use to create a bottom cover.


Punch holes in the upper corner on the circle and slide the cards onto a binder ring. 


If you'd like to print out colorful titles for the "Drawing Near to God" series, a printable is available as a sticker sheet.


video overview: How to Prep Scripture Flip Card Sets


A flip card set is a wonderful addition to any monthly series that you might be studying. For example, If you're doing 28 Days of Love, then you can write each daily verse on a card and have this flip card set available to you in your car/purse to snatch little moments of quiet amidst your busy day. Use the 30-day or 31-day template pages to Bible Quilt your whole collection of verses.


Video overview of making a BQJ Flip Card Set


Printables in this shop are intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.


Blank Monthly Flip Card Set with Open Banner

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