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This is the complete year's list of references for the "Drawing Near to God" Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. These verses were curated by an international team of 12 women who have graciously given their time and effort to provide these unique lists of scriptures for their monthly topic. 


The reference lists are formatted to be printed and cut as bookmarks. You can print them on regular paper or colorful card stock. Embellish as you like with additional color, stickers, etc. Some people like to decorate the backside of the bookmarks and laminate them. It's totally up to you!


If you don't have the Drawing Near to God Monthly BQ journal, you can still use these reference lists in meaningful ways. Maybe you'd like to do an in-depth study on one or more of the topics? Perhaps you'd like to utilize this resource as a scripture writing plan for the year? Consider making a flip card set as a way to develop a handy resource of these topical scriptures! 


Although these reference lists debuted in 2022 (as shown in listing photos), this bookmark set is undated and can be used any year. Each monthly list corresponds to topic in the Drawing Near to God journal. The bookmarks can be trimmed to about 3-inch width in order to slip into the ruler pocket of your journal.


  • Jan - Creation of God
  • Feb - Abiding in Him
  • Mar - Growing in Him
  • April - Promises of God
  • May - Power of God
  • June - Walking with God
  • July - Psalms of Praise
  • Aug - Armor of God
  • Sept - Names of God
  • Oct - Glory of God
  • Nov - Blessings of God
  • Dec - Light of God


Bible Quilt® printables are original designs and copyrighted material, which are intended for one-time personal use. Thank you for maintaining the integrity of original materials. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for group purposes.

"Drawing Near to God" Reference List Bookmark set

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