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Bible Quilting the Armor of God

Ephesians 6 is such a great passage to reflect on as an illustration of how God equips us for our daily battles. In our study of Armor of God this month, we have an opportunity to really savor these verses and what the various elements represent.

I created a page on the Ephesians 6 passage using the Shield template in the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. It's also available as a printable here.

I enjoyed incorporating some different techniques to explore these verses and captured them in a process video to share with you:

I used a printable from the Dandelion Grace Studio etsy shop to make a sticker sheet to illustrate my page. (I reduced its size to better fit into the quilt squares.)

Lisa at Dandelion Grace Studio has graciously provided us a 20% coupon code, so go browse her delightful shop and use code JOY20 at checkout!

Many resources are available on the Armor of God. If you've got kids/grandkids you're teaching about this concept, you may be interested in this brochure and/or stickers available at Mardel or from Rose Publishing.

Since I have gathered quite a few materials on the Armor of God, I attached an envelope on my Monthly BQJ page to make a pocket to hold these resources.

As I considered each element of the Armor of the Lord, I visualized how each of us can join together as part of the Lord's Army and are being equipped with His strength for battle (Psalm 18:39).

This made me think of the hymn, "Onward Christian Soldiers," so I included it on a BQJ page.

I added a photo from a recent BQ session as a sweet reminder of the intergenerational component of the Lord's Army and how we balance one another out.

Have ideas regarding how you'd like to create a page or two on the Armor of God? Can't wait to see them!


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