Farewell to 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Some would say "good riddance" to this pandemic year of 2020. I'm settling for "farewell."

In many ways we're all ready to bring this crazy year to a close, hoping for a brighter year in 2021. I think it's helpful to reflect on what we've learned during this rather unique year.

My "word for the year" was OPEN. In a year in which our country literally SHUT DOWN and had a widespread closure of businesses and schools, the irony of my chosen word was not lost on me!

Remember back at the beginning of 2020? It seemed to break open with possibilities as we nudged into a new decade, twinkling with 20/20 vision.

My focus was on having OPEN EYES, an OPEN MIND, an OPEN HEART, and an OPEN DOOR.

In the brisk early days of January 2020, I sought out scriptures related to being OPEN in a variety of ways. I explored the various flavors of openness - - - being accessible, clear, uncovered, spacious, unblocked, etc. Many of these resonated deeply with me at the time as I was experiencing closure on the first year of grieving my Mom. Having trudged through all of the first anniversaries of loss, I was ready to shed some of the heaviness in my spirit and prepare to be more open and accessible to those around me.

One of my Christmas gifts even had the slogan, "Be Open."

The Lord works in mysterious ways and will give you these little God winks regarding your word throughout the year!

In a season of disruptive and unexpected closures happening weekly and sometimes daily, I'll admit it was a struggle to keep an open mind about where everything was headed.

I prayed for the Lord to open my eyes to the needs around me in different ways.

The increased time at home without other distractions opened up a bunch of creative ideas, figuring out how to reach others with kindness in a covid-safe way. It started simply with a Note of Kindness.

When we couldn't open up our door to others, we utilized our outdoor resources by hosting a food drive at #theturquoisetable for a senior living complex, blessing each of them with a handwritten #noteofkindness from neighbors and young friends.

When face masks were needed, we coordinated donations of sewing supplies with servant-hearted seamstresses that became an assembly line of face mask providers.

Social distancing yet making heart connections

When we couldn't gather in person, we could gather in prayer. We opened up our hearts to pray fervently for our nation and our communities.

Some local Bible Quilters even made poster-sized