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Circle IN ...with a #noteofkindness

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

During this uncertain time, we're all adjusting to social protocols that seem to change daily.

It's strange to think that terms like #socialdistancing and #selfquarantine will be familiar terms for our children and that we'll all instantly recognize a virus emoji from now on. 🦠

We can get all weirded out wondering how long surfaces may be contaminated and allow the constant stream of news to weigh us down or we can adapt our perspectives to help us manage these unusual circumstances.

We can find scripture to help calm our reactions about specific issues.

My favorite verse for social distancing:

"May the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other." Genesis 31:49


I know we all have concerns about our loved ones that are the most vulnerable. These folks require even more stepped-up precautions, which means increased social isolation and may trigger anxiety or depression.

In the midst of all the disrupted routines and canceled activities from our usual large circle of connections, maybe it's time to CIRCLE hunker down with our families, reconnecting in different ways as we problem solve together through these unique circumstances. When we circle in with a few, we can still have a positive impact. When we circle in with our loved ones in prayer, we feel more grounded and our focus becomes clearer.

One way to circle IN is to send out a Note of Kindness to those who might be especially affected by COVID-19. Consider rallying your crew to write out some favorite scriptures and decorate a bunch of notes, then brainstorm how you'd like to use them.

Send a batch to the elderly who are so vulnerable right now or to the medical professionals on the front line and worried about being carriers to their families at home. Mail a few to out-of-state friends that are caregivers for those who have been sick or quarantined. Have some ready to pass out to drive-thru workers or grocery pick-up employees. Tuck one into your mailbox for your postal carrier or leave one in the drawer for the bank teller. Ask your kids what ideas they have...maybe their teacher can help coordinate their efforts to "adopt" a senior living center?

With schools closed and their structured activities disrupted, let's involve our kids to put their kindness into action and give them a sense of purpose. Let's #biblequiltwithlove!!

Use the coupon code KINDESS to get this download free:

Option #1: Print and fold.

Option #2: Print, cut into 4 quadrants, hole-punch the top corner & tie with a ribbon.

Experiment with printing on different colors of copy paper. Add scripture, #biblequilting stitch lines, your own words of encouragement, then start distributing!


Since I got such a great response from people who want to write a #noteofkindness to encourage someone, that launched the idea to expand this outreach of encouragement into a local food drive for residents of the senior apartment complex where my Mom used to live. I'm coordinating with a friend of hers and some neighborhood folks to put the #teamLiz Food Drive into action.

I'm utilizing my Turquoise Table as a neighborhood access point that keeps us compliant with social-distancing protocols. People can drop off food items into a storage container and put their notes into my #turquoisemailbox. I'll have some BQ supplies and printouts of the #noteofkindness available if they want to craft at the table. (yes, I'll put some clorox wipes out so we maintain good hygiene practices, too.)

Hopefully we'll see people respond in kindness to this COVID-19 crisis. Perhaps some of these ideas will generate some ideas for you and your community.

Maybe you already have an idea to CIRCLE IN with your crew? We're all in this common experience together even though we're miles apart. How are you embracing this time with your small circle?? What ideas do you have to support others from a distance??


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2 comentários

19 de mar. de 2020

Yes, phone chats are great, Jeanette! I talked to my Grandma today and she's feeling soooo isolated since she's limited to just her room. Distracting her by tales of our daily duck egg count and what our boys are doing to amuse themselves was enough to give her a little boost. 😊


Jeanette Zongker
Jeanette Zongker
19 de mar. de 2020

I'm personally finding that "old school" calling people on the phone - and actually chatting, for more than a few minutes, rather than just texting has been a great way to re-connect & let others know that we're thinking about them.

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