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Community Prayer

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Anxious about how COVID-19 is affecting your community? Do you have specific prayers you're clinging to as you push through uncertainties?

I think we're all experiencing some restlessness in our spirits and need something to keep our hands busy to calm us. I've heard from several people recently how Bible Quilting helps ground them in scripture.


"Thank you for helping my family to anchor in the Word

during these uncertain times."

- Paige

One thing we can do during this period of isolation is to gather into our small family units to engage positively with one another. We can circle in with our home crew to create some beautiful BQ prayer pages to pray over our specific communities, leaders, schools, hospitals, and senior centers.

My sis-in-law designed this #biblequiltjournal Community Prayer Template as a prayer page for these particular circumstances.

You can incorporate your school colors...

Or maybe do a patriotic theme for the nation...

We are all affected by the coronavirus in one way or another. We can rally together in our local communities. Each of us has a circle of influence and a way we can support one another in our circle. As we do this our circles begin overlapping, which develops a buffer of support for our greater community and we can impact each other with kindness and practical help.

Invite your kids to draw/illustrate your city or state flag, incorporating these colors into your #biblequiltjournal page. Then search together for verses re: leadership, service, and community.

Kiddos can create pages for their various groups they're involved in. Maybe they're missing their teacher and classmates? You could coordinate an effort for all the kids in a class to make one for their teacher or school personnel in particular need? Perhaps you're a teacher and want to rally your students to make prayer pages for a particular group in your area?

Have a scout leader who's quarantined? Encourage their patrol to do a BQ page or a #noteofkindness for their leader.

Relying on home deliveries?

Tape a BQ page to the inside of your front door to bless those hard workers we're relying on for our daily provisions.

Add a basket of snacks to brighten their day and encourage them along their route.

Simply post a page on social media to encourage others. 

Consider making a copy of your completed pages to share around your town, community center, hospital, dentist, or doctor's office.

Can you imagine being a family heading in for a coronavirus test and see a brightly colored page of encouraging scripture as you pass through the doors? 

#biblequiltwithlove and brighten someone's anxious moment!


"...let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16

We are all struggling in different ways, yet we can be united in our prayers to combat the rippling effects that COVID-19 is having throughout our local areas. Join a prayer chain or participate in the national prayer 8 pm (central) each day. 🙏❤️


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Alice Butts Carr
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My version of Community Prayer pg.

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