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Download and print these pages to send a note of encouragement to someone who is sick or adversely affected by COVID-19.


You can print these on regular copy paper or colored paper, then add verses or write words of encouragement. This is a great family activity to focus on a positive way to help others when we're all experiencing a sense of disruption in our normal routines. Kids will benefit from the hands-on creative outlet and regain a sense of purpose when all of their regular school activities have stalled out.


Print. Fold in half. Glue the inside together. Then fold again to have a card that can be mailed.  


OR you can cut the page into 4 quadrants, hole-punch the top corner and add a little ribbon. This is a great option if you want to do mulitple verses from multiple people. You may want to print on cardstock to give your flip cards better durability.


You can use Bible Quilting stitches, add washi tape as a border, use stickers or whatever little embellishments you have on hand. 


Refer to some of your completed pages in your Bible Quilt journal to select some of your favorite scriptures that will encourage the recipient of your note. Let's #biblequiltwithlove to send out hope!


Brainstorm who might need a #noteofkindness during this challenging time. Do you have a neighbors in need? Tuck a #noteofkindness into their door. (maybe coordinate with other neighbors to make this a group effort?)


Consider leaving a #noteofkindness in your own mailbox for your mail carrier or tape a couple to your front door for the many delivery people working hard to get our online/pick-up orders to us. Pass one to a busy drive-thru worker or leave in the drawer for the bank teller.


Send several to someone you know in an assisted living center (one for them and a few they can share) or coordinate with a staff member to bless all the residents.


Invite your friends or fellow group members (scouts, sports, Sunday School class, club, classmates) to be part of your encouragement team   to "adopt" a local center.


Send a #noteofkindness to medical professionals on the front line. Coordinate with a nurse/social worker/doctor friend to distribute your kids' notes to those working hard to treat patients.


Send to friends/family who are fighting this illness or are the caregivers for those in quarantine. Let's make those human connections in a different way to lessen the sense of isolation many will be experieincing.


If you're a #turquoisetable owner, place some notes and supplies out at your table for others around you to do decorate some notes. Have some fun with this: put out a "swap box" of games, snacks, canned goods, a roll of TP. Have hand sanitizer or clorox wipes available for those who visit your table. Consider organizing a food drive for a and add in a #noteofkindness with your care package to them.


Use the hashtag #biblequiltwithlove or #noteofkindness to help spread the word. Let's bless the world with KINDNESS!!


Use coupon code KINDNESS to get these printables free!

Note of Kindness

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