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How to create post-it pages in your Bible Quilt Journal

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I'm a big fan of using supplies you already have around the house. Since most of us have post-it notes stashed in our desks or junk drawers, I'd like to encourage you to rummage around for some of them and make a post-it page in your Bible Quilt journal.

This is an EASY & QUICK way to kickstart some colorful pages!

All you need are two colors of regular-sized post-it notes (3 x 3) and some washi tape to make the borders.

Using the standard 7 x 10 Bible Quilt journal, you'll be able to line up two rows of 3 post-it notes to provide you with instant quilt squares.

You do not need to have the sticky notes perfectly aligned because you'll be using washi tape over all the edges.

Once you've got your sticky notes laid out a the pattern you like, use a glue stick on the back of each one to adhere them to the page.

Next, choose some washi tape that complements your post-its. You can use one pattern for all the borders or mix & match.

Put washi tape along each border until you've got framed quilt squares. Then you're ready to start adding verses!

I used some acrylic stamps for some bold words on my page, keeping my colors similar to my post-it note pattern.

I drew stitch lines and added a few stickers for a finishing touch.

Post-it pages are fun to prep ahead of time to have ready for creating pages on-the-go when you're traveling or don't want to haul around a lot of supplies.


***A great way to introduce kids to Bible Quilting***

If you'd like to get your kids or grandkids hooked on Bible Quilting, this is an easy technique for them to learn. They enjoy playing with the colorful patterns and making "paper quilts." Since these pages come together quickly, it holds their attention and provides them with an almost "instant" page. Once the post-it quilt squares are in place, it's just a matter of writing out 6 verses. You could each do three if you'd like a collaborative look to the page.

Simplify the process even further by having some faith stickers available for your kids to use. Then all you have to do is add some stitch lines or doodles to complete the page.

Here's a process video that demonstrates how to create post-it pages (starting at 22-min mark):

Ready to roll out some quick post-it note pages now???

Once you get the basic technique down, you'll have fun using a variety of sticky notes to create some cute BQJ pages!

Please share YOUR post-it pages in the Comments below or in the Bible Quilt Journal Facebook group!


Psst...Adding some decorative post-it notes to a Bible Quilt Journal kit would make great gift for a graduate or birthday girl. Post-it notes would also be fun stocking stuffers for Christmas!


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