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Looking Ahead to 2024

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

This is the time of year that we often begin strategizing what our devotional goals are for the next year. It's helpful to do this before we get into the truly busy Christmas season, slowing down to look ahead so the end-of-the-year flurry doesn't overwhelm us.

We can contemplate what's worked (or not worked) for us in the past and consider what modifications we want to make for the best plan.

Maybe your church, online Bible study, or women's group rolls out a Bible reading or Scripture writing plan for each year? It certainly helps to have accountability whatever goals you're setting.

I've brainstormed some ideas that might be helpful to you in your process.

Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

I've had several people reach out to ask about a 2024 themed Monthly BQJ. The short answer is "no." After four straight years of developing monthly topics and posting daily verses, I personally need to shift my focus in order to pursue some other BQ ideas and projects.

For those of you who love the structure of the Monthly BQJ and would like to continue, I've got some options for you!

Hot off the presses is this 100-page undated and non-themed 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. It has a featured template and blank calendar page for each month, 2-page spreads for daily verses, as well as blank pages for note-taking or freestyle Bible quilting. The February portion has a 29-day layout to accommodate the leap year ahead.

I've also got a printable version of an undated and unthemed Monthly BQJ from a few years ago that includes many of the same features as the one described above, but with a different array of featured templates. (It does not have a calendar page included. You can add one if you'd like.) Video flip through

Here's the overview post below that provides a summary of all the topics we did using this Leap year version of the 2020 Monthly BQJ.

Even though we're not doing a monthly theme as a community in 2024, you can still find a lot of resources to select your own topics...or check out the reference lists in the shop for topics you haven't done yet. Use coupon code FREELIST to get the reference list as a free printable.

2024 Bible Quilt Calendar

A practical way to infuse scripture into your home is with the BQ Calendar. Decorate each month's template and enjoy it as you schedule/track family activities throughout the month.

Select verses that are meaningful to you in each season. You may summarize a current sermon series or maybe choose scriptures you're praying over for events or individuals you're celebrating that particular month. I tend to use more planner stickers with the calendar because those packs include holiday/seasonal options.

Pssst.... In honor of the BQ Holiday Open House this weekend, I'm offering a coupon code NIFTYFIFTY for 50% off the calendars.

Women of the Bible Journal

See this post for ideas re: Bible Quilting Women in the Bible

You can use women as character examples, focusing your BQ pages on a particular aspect such as Faith.

Or you can go more in-depth, taking notes on your personal exploration of the character or summarizing a Bible study.

Ruth and Esther can be focused on as books of the Bible or as individuals in your Women of the Bible series. Here's an example of a book summary on Ruth: A Tale of Redemption

Bible Quilt Journal page on the book of Ruth

I'm using my Women of the Bible Journal as an on-going process that I'm building along with sermons or Bible study programs I'm in. I'll be sharing more next year about using the Happy Planner punch system* for creating a BQ Journal with flexibility to move pages and sections around as you develop the journal over time.

Reading through the Bible in 2024

Bible reading tracker

Whatever plan you use, the Bible Reading tracker is a great way to visualize your progress.


Are you starting the New Year with a New Bible?

Or want to add some fun color to your current Bible?

Here's a tip about reinforcing the title pages of each book:

Bible Quilting Through the Word

This project is my greatest undertaking yet. I'm gradually Bible Quilting my way through all the books of the Bible! Does the scale of this project motivate or intimidate you?

It's still a beloved work-in-progress. I've got some ideas and materials I'll be sharing in the future with you, so stay tuned!

Bible Quilt Journal page on book of James

ABC Journal

This fun little journal offers a catch-all for verses that might not develop into a whole themed page by themselves, yet includes keywords that are meaningful to you.

With a simple approach of focusing on a letter per week, you can do two rounds through the alphabet in a year. I've had several grandmas use this simple pacing schedule with their grandkids to collaborate on these journal pages together even long-distance.

Maybe you want to journal-as-you-go, taking notes as you listen to sermons, podcasts, or Bible studies? Use the BQ Notes journal to organize your notes all in one place, using the included tabs to divide your journal into sections.

Maybe your'e considering a joint endeavor with a daughter, sister, or friend? The BQ Journal for God's Girls is full of cute, inspirational templates that you can work on together. Its length is very manageable and can be adapted easily to small groups. I'd be happy to host and help facilitate!

Bible Quilting in your Daily Planner

Some people like to document daily happenings in their planners. Many are now available that have enough space that you could incorporate a daily verse also.

With so many options available, devotional goal setting can become overwhelming. Take your time, pray about it, and consider what's reasonable for you in this particular season of your life.

Summary of our monthly topics the past few years:

Monthly Topics in BQJ (2020 - 2023)
Download PDF • 152KB

Have other ideas? Want to brainstorm with other Bible Quilters?

Join our Zoom chats and share in the discussion with us! I can even do a flip-through of various journals to help you decide your approach.

Ideas to put on your shopping list this season: Favorite Supplies for Bible Quilting


#2024goals #BQcommunity * Amazon affiliate link

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