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7 Simple Steps to Make a Post-it page in your Bible Quilt® Journal

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Select post-it colors and sizes

Choosing colors and sizes of post-it notes for BQ page

Play around with different sizes of post-it notes, using various shapes and colors in order to create a colorful page you can add scriptures to later. It's okay to trim some of them with scissors if they don't align exactly.

Determine layout of post-its

Determining layout of post-it notes on BQJ page

Since I had some smaller post-it notes included with a boxed set I received several years ago, I decided to use several of these in one column on the page. I also incorporated a pair of oval sticky notes because they went nicely with my color palette.

Once I had the basic layout mapped out, I began gluing each of the post-it notes down. I started with the four corners, using a ruler to help with alignment. Then I worked toward the middle of the page, allowing white space in between.

Add washi tape border to secure edges & create "quilt-y" effect for the whole #biblequiltjournal page

Adding washi tape border to post-it pages

Next I added washi tape around the quilt squares, mixing and matching colors and widths.

Sometimes when you layer washi tape, the top layer doesn't stick well. If this happens, simply swipe the underneath side of washi with a glue stick.

Add stickers

Adding stickers  to BQJ Post-it page

Colorful post-it pages somehow call out for cute stickers, too. I searched through my stash to find some that matched the color palette of my page.

Note: If you're creating a BQ page on a particular topic, you may want to select your stickers first because they may help determine what color of post-it notes you want to use.

Add BQ stitches

Adding stitch lines to BQJ Post-it page

I added stitch lines around the perimeter of each sticky note, using a variety of stitches and colors. You can use the same stitch and color if you truly want a more consistent look. For bold/bright colors, a white gel pen works nicely for eye-catching contrast.

Add Verses of your Choice

Adding scripture  to BQJ Post-it page

The last step ties it all together! Fill in each sticky note with your selected verses, playing around with colors to balance out the page. You may decide to add some doodles or small stickers as a finishing touch.

Post-it pages are SO fun to do and SO vibrant when completed. These are great to display in your home because they are so visually appealing to the eye. Any topic or theme works.

- - - Grab some post-it notes and enjoy some

creative time in the Word today! - -

By the way, kids love to do this style of BQ pages. You can make a family activity out of this with just a few supplies.

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