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Women of the Bible: Let's Bible Quilt their Stories!

Updated: Jan 19

The Bible is full of strong female characters. Whenever we encounter these story lines, it's helpful to capture these ladies of faith on a Bible Quilt Journal page.

Sometimes I'll use a character as an illustration of a concept, such as Faith or Wisdom. Here's an example of a #biblequiltjournal page I did last year when I was reading through Hebrews and focused on Sarah's faith.

This set of templates helps us get started on pages about Women of the Bible.

A couple years ago when we did our monthly series on Redemption, I was also reading through the book of Ruth and did this BQ page capturing her Tale of Redemption.

Bible Quilt Journal page on Ruth

For characters that are related or have a strong connection, you can combine them onto one page like Alice did.

Mary & Martha #biblequiltjournal page
Mary & Martha page by Alice, an Alabama Bible Quilter

As I've done BQ pages on female characters, I've made individualized tabs as I've gone along in the process. I thought I'd like to continue exploring other women of the Bible in-depth and that some of you BQ Community members might be doing this also.

Bible Quilt Journal tab - Eve

I was inspired to make a set of tabs to use as I create BQ pages on Women of the Bible. Whether you're attending a Bible study which is focused on a character or a book of the Bible or you're doing an independent study, these tabs can provide you with a quick way to categorize your journal.

Attach these directly to your BQ page or use washi tape to add it to a page protector if you're using a 3-ring binder.

I recently made a BQJ summary page on Eve, using some prompts from #keysofthekingdom for a series Sara is doing based on the book, "Women of the Bible." I'm reflecting on her prompts as I write scripture and review commentary from Blue Letter Bible or other references I have on hand. (The book poses a brief overview of the character and questions to consider, but doesn't provide much depth or substantial study material.)

I used a stencil to make a circular title space for Eve's name. I might decide later to add something else within this space, but didn't have a definitive idea yet so I left it blank.

I wrote out the main verses from Genesis 2, then copied a passage from Genesis 3 to maximize the space on my page and provide me with some note-taking room.

Bible Quilt Journal page on Eve (Genesis 2-3)

For loose BQJ pages, I often slip them into page protectors until I determine which BQ journal they're going in. By placing them into a 3-ring binder, that gives me ultimate flexibility moving pages around until I've determined the sequence I'd like to use for these character highlight summaries in my Bible Quilt Journal. [Another option is to use a Happy planner punch system and build your journal over time.]

What women in the Bible do YOU want to learn more about? Please share in the comments below or in our BQJ Facebook group. Looking forward to hearing from you!

If you prefer to journal with a vertical orientation, try these:

Use code WOMEN to get 50% off these printable resources so you can start your journey documenting extraordinary Women of the Bible!


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