Moms & their girls

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

"Special" may be an over-used term when applied to mothers, however, it's hard to argue with the truth.

This is an unfinished page from my Mom's Bible Quilt journal. I love her little shorthand "Moms-R-Special" because she often wrote us notes or texts with her own jargon.

I'm not sure what verses Mom intended to fill the rest of this page, but she went straight to the HEART with a Proverbs 31 reference, a beautiful reflection of her own legacy. Without her presence as a sounding board or prayer partner these past few months, I've had to dig deeper into my own strength and lean harder into God's grace for this journey of grief and recovery.

My sister and I have explored this vast maternal emptiness in our "support corner" and have gingerly navigated the void by helping one another bridge over gaps in small increments, one step at a time. Last weekend for my sister's birthday, it was my turn to remind her that Mom is always watching over us and that her lifetime of prayers over us are still firmly planted in God's tender care.

Mom would encourage each of us to keep shining our light to share the Word.

I'm grateful that Mom was a part of the Bible Quilt story and was humbled to see how she used it to witness to others. As I've prayed over the #biblequiltjournal, the Lord keeps prompting me to just open the door. (Sometimes it's through an unexpected conversation; sometimes it's an intentional gathering; sometimes it's a FB/text message.) He will take the lead and direct women's hearts from there.

So... I've been chasing some loose ends and trying to follow-up with some folks that have been with me at different parts of this journey. A couple weeks ago I got to Bible Quilt with a high school friend and her daughter in Colorado. What a treat to see this pair in action in their own home after corresponding via Facebook & text messages the past couple years!