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This blank monthly template is set up as an 8.5 x 11-inch page to help you keep track of monthly Bible Quilt themes and the #abcsofthebible series. If you want to add it to your current Bible Quilt journal, you'll need to reduce the size to fit the 7 x 10 journal page.


You can add Bible Study lessons, sermon topics, etc. to have all of your devotional inputs kept in one place. Use a flip card set in conjuction with this calendar page to write out full verses for daily memorization.


If your kiddos are in AWANA or a Sunday School class that has weekly verses to memorize, this would be a great way to document their practice/progress. Include them in coloring the page for each month and add the verse references. They can "X" off or color in each day that they've worked on their verse.


As with other Bible Quilt materials, this quilted calendar page is copyrighted material and is intended only for personal use. This template may be copied 12 times for a calendar year of Bible Quilting themes. Get those ideas flowing for how you'd like to spend your time in the Word this year!!

Blank Monthly calendar page for Bible Quilt

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