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Easter is Coming...

wisteria in bloom

March is here and the countdown to Easter is upon us!

As we progress through the weeks leading up to Easter, you may continue doing verses on Lent and also want to do some #scripturewriting of verses about the Easter story.

There are many ways to approach this. It may depend on which BQ journal you have or what family activities you've got going on during this season.

If you're doing the ABC Journal, you could do pages such as "R is for Resurrection," "J is for Jesus," and "E is for Easter."

J is for Jesus page in ABC journal

If you want to do some freestyle pages using some of the blank pages in your BQ journal, you can create your own theme.

You may capture the somber events surrounding Jesus' death using subdued tones.

Bible Quilt Journal page about Jesus on the cross

Or with so many colorful embellishments available for spring and Easter, so you may find yourself doing some really colorful pages!

Easter page in Bible Quilt journal

You can invite family members to create pages alongside you, simply asking each person to do one on a theme such as "He is Risen!"

Many of our BQ templates can be adapted to Easter themes.

Holy Week and He is Risen pages in Bible Quilt Journal

Jesus on the Old Rugged Cross page in Bible Quilt Journal

We did a craft night a few years ago using the Crosses on Stained Glass template that Alice designed for us. This was SO much fun using paper scraps! Check out these posts to walk you through the process: Prep for Craft Night, Recap of the Craft Night.

Scriptures for Easter

I recently curated a collection of Easter-themed verses and formatted them into a flip card set.

Scripture flip cards for Easter

Resurrection verses: 30-day Scripture writing plan

Resurrection page in Bible Quilt Journal

Salvation page in Bible Quilt journal

30-day scripture writing plan; Bible Quilt Journal, p 1

Music is a large part of our Easter worship services, so you may enjoy incorporating a favorite hymn onto your BQ page. Here's a sample of The Old Rugged Cross.

Old Rugged Cross hymn used on Bible Quilt journal page

Alrighty, my friends, that should get your creative juices flowing! Hope one of these ideas sparked your interest and inspires you to have some reflective time in the Word as we prepare our hearts for Easter!

flower cross (drive by during Covid)
Flower Cross at Church during Covid

Join our March #zoomchat to share with other BQ community members:

Or if you're in the area, come join us in person around the BQ table!


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