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Spring Bible Quilt® Craft Night: Crosses on Stained Glass Page

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

~~Join us for some creative fun next Friday night!~~

March 26th 7:00 pm (central)

We'll be making an Easter page using the Crosses on Stained Glass template designed by our Bible Quilting friend, Alice from Alabama.

This design is printed in the 2021 Month-by-Month Bible Quilt Journal as well as the 2021 BQ Calendar for April. It's also available as a template combo set. Enter code EASTER to get the template set as a free printable. You choose which of the two designs you'd like to focus on for Craft Night.

I'll be sharing several different ways to create with this beautiful template. You pick which level of involvement works best for you! I'll have a process video available after the Craft Night, so you can try another technique later.

To be prepared for multiple approaches, print the template on a decorative/patterned paper, a solid, and a plain xerox paper copy. If you're using the design already printed in your BQ Monthly or the calendar, then just make a copy of that page. The plain xerox copy will be used for cutouts during Craft Night.

Supply List:


glue stick


pencil and eraser

a piece of regular copy paper for tracing (or make a copy of the Cross template you have)

assortment of decorative scrapbook paper, including a solid for the cross cutouts

markers/pens in variety of colors; a black marker/pen; white or metallic gel pens

colored pencils, crayons or pastels

washi tape & stickers

stamps & ink pads (optional)

Bible & scriptures about spring/renewal/Easter (you may want to select a few in advance)

I encourage you to use what you have available. Sometimes that triggers the most creativity! If you end up gathering more supplies than you need, then hopefully that will spur you on to do some additional pages on your own.

The 31 Days of Renewal or 30 Days of Redemption reference list and/or flip card sets are great resources to have handy.

We can also tap into our #30daysofresurrection series from last year:

30 Days of Resurrection
Download DOCX • 17KB


RSVP to get reminder email & notification of any last-minute details

Sign-in details are the same as other Zoom sessions we've had. I've got two Zoom meetings scheduled. When we run out of time with the first session, we'll all log back in for the second. The Kickstart will be at 7:00 and the Wrap-up Session will be at 8:00. (My Zoom plan only includes 40-min sessions, so that's why we'll have two.) If we have technical difficulties in-between, then have a little break and log back in. I'll keep the Meeting ID and Password the same as usual. I usually record the session, so there's a replay available for others who can't attend.

PREP You can do AHEAD of our event:

On the xerox copy of the template, number all of the individual spaces. Once the page is numbered, cut along the dotted lines.

You'll end up with 3 crosses and 27 pieces.

As we're getting signed in to the zoom call on Craft Night, you can reassemble all the pieces to have them readily available.

You can place the loose elements on a piece of card stock or a tray to keep them corralled until you're ready to use them.

I'll have simpler options available on Craft Night if you don't want to do this much cutting.

Sign-up and Sign-in Details

Sometimes technology is tricky. I recommend writing the Meeting ID and password onto an index card, so you'll have that info available if you need it last minute.

Go to

Meeting ID: 6884329538

Password: BibleQuilt

This Craft Night is a great option for mother-daughter-granddaughter time in the Word, whatever your ages may be! Whether you're under the same roof or joining online together from afar, this can be a fun time of fellowship for family members and friends. Make it a cozy pajama night and continue your family time after our session.

You're welcome to invite a friend to join us and enjoy a shared activity you can continue along with in the months ahead.

I'm looking forward to getting crafty with y'all next Friday night.

See ya then!!


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