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Bible Quilting 40 Verses for Lent

Updated: Feb 17

Like Advent, Lent is a time of anticipation. It's a period to begin focusing on all the sacred events leading to Easter.

How do you prepare for Lent?

2-page template on Lent

I recently spent some time shading in the two Lent templates for my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal.

It seemed fitting to slow down and begin to reflect on this season of expectation and hope.

Coloring in Lent template page in Bible Quilt Journal

2-page spread for Lent in Bible Quilt Journal

I added a border of mosaic washi tape, then began considering how I wanted to harvest the scriptures for these pages.


Your church may have a unified approach to Lent, offering the congregation a collection of verses to meditate on during Lent. Or you may be seeking something independently.

There are a lot of resources and reading plans available as well as many reference lists to choose from.

I explored around, eventually deciding to harvest an assortment of verses that resonated with me personally.

I believe that Lent is a season to take a posture of humility, setting aside time to intentionally reflect on how Jesus prepared to sacrifice Himself for us.

I chose to write out my verses into each quilt square without too much additional embellishment, keeping the focus on the meaningful impact of each phrase.

By completing these pages in advance, I'll be able to have them on display in my home for my own daily contemplation as well as for my family.

You may have your own traditions of observing Lent, practicing within your church community, or exploring new ways to approach this season. However you personalize the process, I hope it's a meaningful time for you!

Looking for a 40-day scripture set? Here's a post showing some sample BQ pages using a resource from Arabah Joy called Praying the Promises.

"Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually." 1 Chronicles 16:11

If you don't have the "Building on a Firm Foundation" Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, you can also get these formatted pages as a printable set.


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