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How to use a Happy Planner Punch for your Bible Quilt Journal

Updated: Jun 27

Are you a “Happy Planner” gal?

Happy Planner punch for Bible Quilt Journal

I’m kinda late to the party, but I’m realizing how easy it is to put together one of the printable Bible Quilt journals using the Happy Planner punch system.

Essentially, this is a way to hole punch individual template pages and have the flexibility to assemble them in your own unique cataloguing process, reordering sections as you'd like.

You can get discs of various sizes and colors to personalize your BQ journal binder. As your journal expands, you can insert larger discs.

I typically add a strip of washi tape along the edge before I punch each page so it gets a litle added reinforcement…and a pop of color!

Happy Planner system for Bible Quilt Journal

I’m printing some of the pages on pastel card stock, which instantly adds some personality to the pages.

BQJ template printed on yellow card stock

Here's an example from my Women of the Bible BQJ that I'm gradually building upon, adding tabs as I go.

Bible Quilt Journal page on Mary of Bethany

Another way to incorporate color is to use color cardstock as a background page that's punched, then glue on a white template.

adding a template onto colorful background in Bible Quilt Journal

This provides you with a colorful margin in which to take additional notes while also serving as a colorful border.

An advantage to working with individual pages is that you can have a single sheet on a clipboard to create with on-the-go, then merely add the page back in to your journal when you're finished.

Or if you've got kiddos involved, it may be easier for them to work on a single page at a time.

I know some of you have used BQ templates slipped into page protectors in 3-ring binders.

Who has some show-and-tell for how you’re managing your printable BQ journals?

Let's chat on Tuesday to discuss more ideas!

P.S. If you have the Original BQJ with the metal binding, you can use the Happy Planner punch to insert pages directly onto the coil. Lay the page along the coil to figure out the spacing for the holes and punch it twice with the Happy Planner punch (on the second time, center the holes to punch between the first row of punched holes).

Don't have a Happy Planner punch and only want to add a few pages into your Original BQJ? Check out this guide I created to help you make your own punch system:

Some printable BQ Journal options

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