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This is a downloadable version of the original ABC Bible Quilt journal that has intricate letter titles that were designed by Bible Quilters across the States. You can add your own stitchlines and other embellishments to create your own beautiful pages, capturing Scriptures from A to Z.


On the blank back side of each alpha, you can create freestyle pages, using larger pieces of ephemera. (See the "T" page in the listing photos.) Another idea for the blank pages is to add a printed template, like the "M is for Music" example in the listing photos.


This file is formatted to print on standard letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11). Printing it on card stock is recommended to provide you with durabilibity over time. You may insert each sheet into page protectors and slip them into a 3-ring binder or simply 3-hole punch the individual pages..


Since the pages will be loose as you print them off, you can choose to work on one page at a time, then re-insert into your binder. If you're doing this as a family activity, it would be fun for family members to be creating on different pages at the same time. Kids love to brainstorm ideas for each letter of the alphabet! Use the ABC flip card set included in the download to capture some of these ideas, jotting down the scripture references on the flip cards and creating pages from them at a later time.


Another option is to take the printed set (minus the tab sheets and ABC flip card pages) to a local print shop and request to have it bound with a plastic coil. (similar to picture shown)


I hope this version of the ABC Bible Quilt journal provides you with some flexible options, especially my international friends that have the challenge of ordering tangible products due to high shipping costs.


Video flip-through of my #abcbiblequiltjournal


Please keep in mind that this is a TRADEMARKED product and each page is copyrighted. This file is intended for personal ONE-TIME use. I appreciate your consideration in maintaining the integrity of this devotional resource!


For more ideas, follow the BQ Community Boards.

Printable ABC Bible Quilt with unstitched alpha pages (8.5 x 11)

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.50Sale Price
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