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Praying over Our Children

May calendar page in the 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

May is right around the corner and typically FULL of end-of-the-school year activities, Mother's Day gatherings, graduations, and navigating initial plans for the summer.

Some of you may know that we've got a son's wedding coming up in May, so that adds a whole 'nother layer of family fun and blessings on top of the usual hive of activity!

I decided this would be an excellent month to pull out a resource I've used for many years and make it my focus in my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal: Praying Biblical Virtues over our Children.

My sis-in-law made this little prayer booklet for me years ago using the "31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children" by © Bob Hostetler. (Used with permission from

Writing scripture in the 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Although I typically write the scriptures, this month I'm going to write out the prayers and perhaps do a follow-up #biblequiltjournal page with the specific scriptures. Another idea is to highlight these verses in my Bible, targeting them as prayers for my sons and their partners.

I prepped my page with some floral washi... because May IS all about flowers, right??

peonies blooming
April showers bring May flowers: Peonies in bloom!

Each daily prayer has 1-2 scriptures associated with it. You may choose to write the prayer or the verses on your BQ pages.

Praying Biblical Virtues for our Children, day 3
Praying Biblical Virtues for our Children, day 3


Over the course of motherhood our focus of prayer for our children changes, doesn't it?

ABC prayers for children

During elementary school we pray for them to learn how to make friends, respect teachers, and develop social skills.

Prayer page for my son in my Bible Quilt Journal

My sis-in-law and I have prayed for our boys to be ensconced in the Armor of God, gradually encouraging them to take more and more individual responsibility in this process as we've empowered them to individuate on their own paths with Jesus.

Using cookie cutter gingerbread man shape to make Armor of God page
Nephew creating an Armor of God page, using a cookie cutter

During college our kids have a chance to spread their wings and seek out their own church, Bible study groups, and Christian community... or not.

College students making Armor of God pages in Bible Quilt journal
College students making Armor of God pages

Most of the time we rely on verbal reports of how it's going. Sometimes we get a peek into their world, catching them in action.

On a recent visit to see our boys, we attended church with them. My hubby got a photo of our son greeting children he works with each week. It inspired me to add a page into his BQ journal, praying over his servant heart and the upcoming transitions he has as graduation looms. He'll be saying farewell to these kids that have looked up to him the past few years.

Church volunteer pg in son's Bible Quilt journal
Church volunteer page in son's Bible Quilt journal

As you explore these different character attributes to pray over your children, you may find yourself inspired to do some spin-off pages on salvation, the Word of God, discernment, etc.

Mother's Heart page in Bible Quilt Journal

Rather than getting overwhelmed with too many ideas, simply write the topic on a sticky note and put it on a blank page in your BQ journal to follow up on later.

Join our next BQ chat on Zoom to brainstorm and support one another in this process!

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