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Print this file 2-sided on cardstock, then cut into 6 squares following along the solid lines. You may want to trim around the outer edge of the dotted lines to even out the squares. Punch holes in the upper corner on the circle and slide the cards onto a simple binder ring.


You can use this set with your ABC Bible Quilt journal to use as a quick guide for A-to-Z verse ideas. If you are encouraging a friend or kiddo to Bible Quilt with you, this is a supportive way to share references to help them get started.


Using your ABC flip card set is a fun & easy way to gather scripture references for your ABC Bible Quilt journal pages, categorizing them until you have a chance to create in your journal!


Bible Quilt products are copyrighted material and intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner for options re: group purchases for multiple copies.

ABC flip card set

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