Bible Quilting through Crisis

Updated: May 13, 2020

During this time of international crisis struggling through the COVID-19 outbreak, we need to stockpile verses of hope, courage, and comfort.

Here are a few Bible Quilt Journal pages to help get you started thinking about building your own arsenal of "power" scriptures during this unsettled time.

"Strengthen us according to YOUR Word." Psalm 119:28

May we dip into the Word for renewal to be...

"strong, firm, and steadfast." 1 Peter 5:10

We may need to take turns encouraging one another as we go through different cycles of illness/quarantine with our families.


Acts of Kindness.

Words of Comfort.

I'm grateful for the many, many verses on HOPE, a constant theme woven throughout the Bible.

With kids home from school, we need to balance an infusion of fun activities with reassuring times of cozy connection. Challenge them to go on a scripture treasure hunt with you to discover verses on JOY and create a page together.

As homeschooling etches its ups and downs on everyone and personalities sometimes clash, consider doing a page on each of your children. Those strong characteristics are God-ordained for His purposes. Our job is to help contain and shape these little growing spirits until they fully blossom. Sometimes we need to reframe our perspective and step back to contemplate God's bigger picture for our kids.

Is there physical distance from your adult children or grandchildren?

Maybe we all need to "up our prayer game" for those closer to our distant loved ones...that outreach and support be provided when needed.

Creating a page specifically with a loved one in mind can help settle your spirit, then you can send a copy to them to support them from afar.

The news cycle is relentless. Are you too distracted to generate your own prayers?

Pick one prayer and pray it on repeat.

Are your children struggling with anxiety or having a hard time without a regular routine?