Steadfast Sunflowers

Are you a fan of sunflowers?

When we lived in Kansas, it was a delight to drive by whole fields of sunflowers tilting their large heads toward the sun.

Boy in Sunflower cutout

Sunflowers are one of the more majestic flowers, especially since they withstand the oppressive heat to actually bloom in these relentlessly hot summer days.

They are steadfast, persevering in the heat.

Sunflowers are hardy, yet cheerful.

Each plant is striking in its single, large bloom yet a whole field of sunflowers is truly remarkable.

Did you know there are over 70 varieties of sunflowers, but no two are the exactly the same...even if the seeds come from the same plant?

Sunflowers follow the path of the sun in a wonderful process called heliotropism. Their ripening seeds provide a feast for birds, bugs, and animals to munch on. And sometimes those seeds are harvested as tasty lil treats for us, too!

At the end of their life cycle, sunflowers give back what their steadfast growth has produced.