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Planting Seeds

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Spring is a season for planting.

Sometimes we poke tiny seeds into the soil, covering them up and patting them gently into the ground. Other times we dig holes and tuck in seedlings, building upon the care that someone else extended to get the seeds through the germination phase.

Once planted, we water and wait.

We watch over the emerging growth and monitor for things we need to weed out to protect the tender plants.

Then it's time to reap, harvesting the healthy goodness.

We gain nourishment from what we've sown and nurtured over time.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth.

Jesus shared many rich parables, which help give us something tangible to hold onto in our seeking of wisdom and guidance. The parable of the Sower is a powerful one because we can resonate with the earthiness of it. (Although this post or page is not really focused on that particular parable.)

Each year as I plunge my hands into soil to tenderize it for new seeds or plants, I'm amazed at the growing cycle God created. It's so humbling to think about how all the harvest that comes from a tiny seed pales in comparison to the growth cycle He's germinating within us.

We all need His Light to grow on the path He's laid out for us.

We need the wisdom the Holy Spirit saturates into us to bear good fruit for His kingdom.

Sometimes as I'm #biblequilting a page, I'm blown away by all the connections between the Old and New Testament passages.

The Lord is patiently waiting for us to harvest His Word, gleaning nourishment from it for our daily lives. He wants us to share His abundance with others so that all may be fed.

When we sow the Word and pray it over others, God takes it from there, causing its growth to flourish within the soul.

That's a pretty incredible outcome to reap from a tiny seed of faith we've shared!

What seeds are you planting this year?

Have a story of harvest to share? Join our next Zoom chat!


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