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Snow Day? Create a Fun Bible Quilt page!

Snow Days are NOT just for the kiddos!

Sometimes Snow Days give us just the "excuse" we need to step away from other activities and focus on a little creative time for ourselves.

Here's a cute lil template that my friend, Lara, and I collaborated on to share with you:

Snowmen template

Lara created a Winter Wonderland themed page last December, using Christmas-y colors.

Winter Wonderland page by Lara on Snowmen template

I pulled out this template on a recent snow day and enjoyed creating a BQ page while my son was out sledding with friends.

Inspiration strikes in a lot of ways, especially when we make mistakes, right?

In this case I had some sticker paper left in my printer and - - - an idea was born!

Snowman design on sticker paper

I decided to print out the template onto sticker paper so I could cut out the snowmen and put them on a colored background.

I found a snowflake paper in my scrapbook stash and glued it directly onto the BQ page for a snowy backdrop.

Snowy scrapbook paper in Bible Quilt Journal

Then I got to cutting...and cutting...and cutting around the snowmen and their little stick arms.

Snowmen cutout for BQJ page

The next part was a little tricky. I pulled off the backing on the whole sticker and then had all these wiggly parts to try to manage, trying to line up the base at the bottom edge of the page while attempting to keep the arms and head from sticking where they weren't supposed to go.

Tip: have someone else hold the top part of the snowmen while you line up the bottom. OR don't pull off the whole backing at once; peel off a little at a time.

Snowmen template on snowy background

I used some of the leftover sticker paper to cut some strips to make layers of snow drifts along the bottom.

You can also get the snowdrift effect by adding more wavy lines like the original has.

Snowmen template for Bible Quilt Journal

Now it's time to add some color to these little snow cuties!

Neighborhood snowgirl

Since my boys have always been fond of naming any snowman that we've built "Fred," I thought it would be fun to name these lil snow people to give them some personality.

In this month of February when we're focused on love, I thought of this verse from Corinthians.

"and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

So here's the snowman trio of Faith, Hope, and Love!

Faith, Hope & Love on Snowman BQJ template

I added some details in their expressions, then some 'lil jewel buttons around the title stickers to capture the "snowman look."

Next I got out my flip card sets on Faith, Hope, and Love to help me choose what verses to add to the page.

faith, hope and love flip card sets

I selected fairly short verses to maintain the lighthearted feel of this page.

Faith, Hope & Love on Snowmen template

I attached a "snowy day" title tab on the edge of the page, then finished it off with some snowflake stickers.

Oh...and the ribbon was added along the way to add a touch of whimsy. I used a narrow double-sided tape to attach it to the top of the page. I like the playful texture of the airy ribbon, but you can also use some wintry washi tape.

Ok, friends, ready to have your own Snow Day fun???

Grab a template below and go for it!


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