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Using up those Pretty Paper Scraps

seasonal scrapbook papers

Whenever we get some new scrapbook paper, we get excited about ALL the possibilities to craft with them, don't we?

We tend to use them enthusiastically during the current season then put them away for the next craft session.

As time goes by, those papers get cut for a project here and there...and we're left with a heap of pretty scraps that seem to have potential, so we don't throw them away.

And months - - - maybe years - - - down the road, we still have those colorfully patterned remnants that have begun to take up precious storage space and remind us of "unfinished projects" that we never got around to.

~~~Good news! ~~~

Now that you've discovered Bible Quilting, we can put some of those pretty scraps to good use!

What a scraptastic idea!!

So, let's dig out those containers stuffed with scrap papers and see what we can create with them!

Decorate your Bookmarks

One of the simplest ways to use up some of those pretty scraps is to decorate the back of your Monthly BQJ Bookmarks with them. Once you've done a couple of these, you'll probably get ideas of other bookmarks you'd like to make.

This is a great project for kids, too! You could invite them to make some BQJ bookmarks for teacher or grandparent gifts. Have them write some verses in their own handwriting and it becomes a wonderful keepsake!

Making a #biblequiltjournal bookmark

Simply cut scrap papers into rectangular shapes and line them up on the back of the bookmark you've printed out on card stock.

making a bookmark out of paper scraps

Once you've trimmed the pieces to fit the emerging pattern, then glue them down.

adding stitch lines to BQJ bookmark

The pieces don't have to be perfectly cut or evenly spaced. Enjoy the process of combining the colors and patterns...just like a patchwork quilt.

Next, make some stitch lines around the papers. It's up to you if you want the same stitch for the entire bookmark or want to use a variety of stitch lines.

You can choose markers in the same color palette as your scrap papers for a variety of similar colors or maybe a simple black for a uniformly stitched look.

Bible with decorative bookmark made with paper scraps
"Scraps" quilt on back of April 2021 ref list bookmark

Use Decorative Scraps to Embellish BQJ Pages

decorative papers on Paper Chain heart template

Many Bible Quilt Journal templates have shapes that are conducive to using decorative paper to give extra color and texture to the page.

This technique can be used on other templates, too, just as shown in this video for the Heart Chain.

Use stamps or stickers on solid color scraps to add a vibrant color to your pages.

using paper scraps on Love #biblequiltjournal page
Love page by Alice

Use Pretty Scraps to Add Color to your BQ Calendar

Feb page of 2021 Bible Quilt Calendar

Although you can shade in backgrounds with colored pencils, you can also use scrap paper to add instant color to your BQJ calendar.

Create a beautiful patchwork quilt background for your BQJ pages!

Check out this pretty page that Mary Jo shared with our FB group:

Steadfast page in Bible Quilt Journal

What ideas do YOU have regarding using up your paper scraps??

Please share in the Comments.


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