Using up those Pretty Paper Scraps

seasonal scrapbook papers

Whenever we get some new scrapbook paper, we get excited about ALL the possibilities to craft with them, don't we?

We tend to use them enthusiastically during the current season then put them away for the next craft session.

As time goes by, those papers get cut for a project here and there...and we're left with a heap of pretty scraps that seem to have potential, so we don't throw them away.

And months - - - maybe years - - - down the road, we still have those colorfully patterned remnants that have begun to take up precious storage space and remind us of "unfinished projects" that we never got around to.

~~~Good news! ~~~

Now that you've discovered Bible Quilting, we can put some of those pretty scraps to good use!

What a scraptastic idea!!

So, let's dig out those containers stuffed with scrap papers and see what we can create with them!