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Rooted in Love: Using Stamps in your BQJ

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

As we've been engaged in our 28 Days of Love series for February, I've been reflecting on the phrase "rooted and grounded in Love" from Ephesians 3. During a recent snow day, I decided to create a BQJ page centered on this passage.

My initial inspiration was from a page I did a couple years ago in my ABC Bible Quilt® Journal titled "R is for _____."

This Heart Tree stamp I had used was so unique, I borrowed it from my friend again to use it for a full page in my Monthly Bible Quilt® Journal. I selected a variety of stamps to start my page.

Using stamps can be intimidating, but confidence builds with practice. Keep trying!

Stamps can offer an artistic element that we cannot draw ourselves. A stamp may even inspire us to create with a particular scripture passage. The heart-shaped roots in this stamp is what sparked the idea to develop a whole page on this rootedness in Christ's love.

Once I had my featured phrase and image stamped, I began Bible Quilting verses.

Stickers, varied hand-lettering, and fun printables like these Scrabble Tiles (from @CreativeFaith&Co) helped highlight the key words and phrases.

Then it was time to add some color and add another verse or two.

I incorporated a variety of shading and doodling with colored pencils to give the background some texture, then added in the reference notations.

To finish it up, I attached a "rooted in love" tab and drew a few more stitch lines to accentuate some of the boundaries of the quilt squares.

As we continue to persevere through this pandemic life and manage extreme weather phenomena, may we deepen our awareness of Christ's love for us in every circumstance. May we pray for our families to be intertwined in this bold faith, rooted and established in the Word.

Maybe you did grow up in a household that nurtured your spiritual growth?

Even the chaos and "busy" of everyday life can hamper our good intentions. No guilt or shame here. Be gracious with yourself.

"His mercies are new every morning!"

It's never too late to #digdeeper for yourself and equip your family now by planting seeds that will grow over time. I hope this #biblequilting technique offers you a fulfilling way to cultivate those freshly planted seeds or even to awaken those that have gone dormant for a season.

If you'd like to explore this page development a little more, this process video will walk you through my approach. The principles of using a stamp will be applicable to whatever stamps you have available.

As I create pages that I think will resonate with others, I try to design templates that provide a similar format for you to launch from. Here are a couple of options for you:

Rooted in Love combo set (with & without stitch lines) 8.5 x 11 option

Can't wait to see how you create with these!

Please share yours in the FB group or in the Comments to this post when you do.#sharingBQJ

Some of my favorite stamps are the click-together type, so you can spell out your word/phrase and the letters stay in alignment.

*Here are a few links to get you started on your search:


*amazon affiliate links

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