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Living Complete in Christ: a BQJ summary

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

This month I've been doing an online Bible study on Philippians Chapter 4 through Sojo Academy written by Sarah Frazer. I was delighted to share Bible Quilting with the Sojo community by demonstrating how I use the BQ journaling technique to summarize Bible studies.

BQJ templates for Philippians Chapter 4

I developed a 2-page template set specifically for this month's Creative Workshop hosted by Sojo and used some of their Creative Elements. (If you aren't a member of Sojo, you can use similar embellishments and follow the same process.)

You can print the Living Complete in Christ template set on white card stock or play around with colored/decorative paper. I chose one that had some solid coloring on part of the page, then framed the edges with washi tape in the same color palette to give the page an instant border.

Block with Circle template for #biblequiltjournal

Print out your own stickers

I printed out some of the Creative Elements on full-page label sheets to create my own stickers.

For printing, I chose a 2-page layout to get more stickers on one label sheet.

With smaller stickers I have more flexibility re: how I can place them into my template spaces and can use more of them on a page.

Cutting out stickers for #biblequiltjournal page

Next I cut out all the elements.

I've learned it's easier to have all the stickers accessible individually to help me figure out spacing and how they fit best inside my template squares.

Tip: If the backing on your label sheet isn't scored to separate the two layers easily, then as you cut around each element leave an edge with extra white space.

When you're ready to use the sticker you can fold and separate the layers on the extra edge rather than wrinkle the actual sticker. You can trim off the excess when you've gotten the layer separation started.

Once you've got your supplies gathered up, you're ready to start Bible Quilting your verses onto the page!

Bible Quilting Philippians chapter 4

Replay of Creative Workshop:

Overview of My Process

Sample layout for #biblequiltjournal page

Sometimes I'll start by loosely plotting out sticker placement based on the sequence of the study or the size/shape/color of the elements.

I also like to determine which stickers can be embedded within a verse I'm writing out. This is a great way to emphasize key words.

To get the creative juices flowing, often I will begin by coloring in some of the designs on the template.

Living Complete in Christ, page in progress

When using the #biblequiltjournal technique to summarize a Bible study, you can jot down main points from the author, paraphrase verses that impact you, and write out definitions of key words to enhance your understanding of the Scripture.

You can also write out the same verse in different translations to view it from another perspective.

Living Complete in Christ - Bible Quilt Journal page

Gradually as you write out scriptures and add embellishments the page begins to fill up. At this point I might glance over the page to see what may need to be balanced out or shade in the background of the quilt squares based on the color palette of the Creative Elements.

Sometimes I get "stuck" on how to complete one part of the template. I've learned to just let the ideas "marinate" for a while and move on to something else. Typically when I return to the page, I have a little more inspiration re: how I'd like to finish the page.

After taking a break, I had an idea re: how to finish the cross element on this page. I wrote out characteristics of Jesus that came oh so naturally to Him, but that we have to continually work on to exhibit in our lives.

This is a good transition to page two, summarizing the study's latter half about trying to emulate the attitude of Christ in our daily approach to others.

Since I already had my "whatever" stamp assembled for my Philippians 4:8 page, I used it again here.

Click-together stamps for Bible Quilting

The title stickers provide an instant emphasis for these concepts and also act as a memorization trigger.

Sample Bible Quilt Journal page - Philippians ch 4

I finished off the page by adding some background color and pattern as well as some stitch lines to connect it all together.

This 2-page summary provides me with an instant snapshot of this study. The active BQ journaling technique helps solidify the main points and key verses. (I can always refer back to the study materials for a more in-depth review.) Once I've got it tucked into my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, I will have it accessible as I'm flipping through it to work on other topics/studies.

2-page spread in Monthly Bible Quilt journal

When you've done this set of templates, you'll be ready to try some other BQ pages. Maybe a Friendship page or Love? The online shop has a bunch of templates to browse. We've got some creative ladies in our BQ community that help design these, so it truly is a collaborative effort!

When you're ready to try a "freestyle" BQ page, here are some posts that provide overviews and process videos:


Sojourner template, 8.5 x 11 (great for using a cover for a 3-ring binder of Sojo materials)

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