Living Complete in Christ: a BQJ summary

Updated: Jul 17

This month I've been doing an online Bible study on Philippians Chapter 4 through Sojo Academy written by Sarah Frazer. I was delighted to share Bible Quilting with the Sojo community by demonstrating how I use the BQ journaling technique to summarize Bible studies.

BQJ templates for Philippians Chapter 4

I developed a 2-page template set specifically for this month's Creative Workshop hosted by Sojo and used some of their Creative Elements. (If you aren't a member of Sojo, you can use similar embellishments and follow the same process.)

You can print the Living Complete in Christ template set on white card stock or play around with colored/decorative paper. I chose one that had some solid coloring on part of the page, then framed the edges with washi tape in the same color palette to give the page an instant border.

Block with Circle template for #biblequiltjournal

Print out your own stickers