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The Process of Creating a Bible Quilt Journal® Page

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Frequently I have beginning Bible Quilters ask how I get ideas for pages and what my process is for developing a #biblequiltjournal page. Here's an overview of my process.

~ ~ ~ Inspired by scripture ~ ~ ~

Whether it emerges through a daily Bible reading plan, part of an ongoing Bible study, or even a verse I see shared on social media, sometimes a scripture just tugs at my heart. I follow the thread of what is resonating with me, often "harvesting" more verses along the way.

In this example, I encountered a selection of verses on friendship and community from a study from Sojo Academy.

~ ~ ~ Decide between a freestyle page or a BQJ template ~ ~ ~

This is a personal choice, depending on the amount of scriptures and whether the format of a particular template seems to "fit" the theme of the scripture passage.

In this case, the Friendship coffee cup template was an obvious choice for the theme of verses I had available through this resource.

Gather up embellishments

Initially, I have a brief "brainstorming" session to think about what images/ephemera would help me capture the essence of the verses. Since I know my artistic limitations, I'll use a sticker or cut-out rather than attempt to draw something that would frustrate the flow of my process.

Sometimes I'll go through a physical "hunt" to search for washi tape, stickers, or printed materials that might have words/phrases or images that would enhance my page.

In this case, I used a creative element provided in the SoJo Academy study which I printed on a full page label that converted it into a sticker sheet. I loved the connection between the "stir up" phrase on the sticker and the coffee cup image on the template. I also gathered up supplies to go with the blue color palette (shades of blue papermate pens, colored pencils, ink pad, stickers) to streamline the creative flow.

Handwriting Scripture

This is the phase I love the most because it synthesizes the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects as we engage with scripture in a creative way. As we handwrite verses in our own unique print, cursive, scrawl or beautiful lettering, it becomes personal. Taking time to copy Bible verses word for word on a page slows us down. Words or phrases may impact us in a special way during this process. I tend to highlight these in a different color, handlettering style, or use stickers to set them apart.

Add final touches to tie it all together

I use a variety of lines and dashes to "stitch" together the verses in the "quilt" squares. I fill in some of the background with shading and doodles. I may add a couple more stickers or bits of washi tape to fill in blank spaces or to highlight key words.

When I glue the template page into my Bible Quilt Journal, I often add washi tape along the border to frame it and reinforce its placement for longevity. I make a tab so I'll be able to locate it easily in my journal, again using the same color palette.

Developing a Personal Resource of Scripture

These pages are a wonderful way to summarize Bible studies and key points from seminars or sermons. They provide me with a visual that highlights that series and serve as a reference to go back to the original resource as a refresher of those concepts in the future.

As my BQ journal builds over time, I am essentially developing a personal resource on a variety of topics. When I have a friend or family member going through a particularly hard challenge, I can turn to this resource as a way to pass along encouragement to them. Snapping a photo of a page in my own handwriting personalizes these verses for them in a meaningful way.

Here's a process video that sums up this particular page I created. The techniques and flow of the process can be applied to all the other templates. Start simple. Use what you have available. Take time to figure out how to incorporate this type of journaling into your devotional practice and where it "fits" in your routine.

Embrace your own style & organization of your BQ journal

I encourage you to embrace your own style, accept your own unique penmanship, and seek out verses that truly resonate with your current season of life. It's a beautiful tool to revitalize your time in the Word, fellowshipping creatively with the Lord.


Bible Quilt Journal shop: browse for templates that might inspire your next page!

Sojo Academy (link to website for more info) Sojourners template for BQJ

Sojourners template (8.5 x 11 size - makes a great title page for a Sojo Notebook)

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