How to Bible Quilt a Long Scripture Passage: Philippians Chapter 4

Bible Quilting a long passage of scripture is a great way to slow down, absorbing the message as you work with the Word creatively.

I typically start in the upper lefthand corner of the journal page, writing each verse and numbering it as I go. Sometimes I'll add a "stitch line" around each individual verse while other times I'll group a few together on the same point. I format my page loosely into columns, but you could also do yours in rows.

This process video will walk you through all the steps of how I developed a two-page spread in my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. If you don't have the 8.5 x 11" size BQJ, you can adapt the same technique to another BQ journal or simply use white card stock, which you could then slip into page protectors and place into a 3-ring binder.

You may have different materials than I do, but that just makes your page uniquely yours. I often use stickers to help illustrate key concepts that my artistic abilities can't quite manage.

Alternating between printing, handlettering, and cursive can increase the visual interest of the overall page.