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Live in Peace

Do you ever feel like things are swirling vigorously around you & all you can do is pray?

This weekend felt like that in Tulsa.

We had a boisterous mix of activities slated, including Juneteenth celebrations, Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and the Trump rally all occurring in town.

Even though we live miles away from the epicenter of all the potential chaos, we still felt the tension and the weight of all these activities converging on our city at one time, especially during a pandemic.

People all over the city prayed for PEACE. We prayed for Tulsa to be a breath of CALM amidst the maelstrom of distress in our nation. We prayed for KINDNESS to overcome acts of disruption. We prayed for our leaders to have enduring STRENGTH & DISCERNMENT to make wise decisions. We prayed for UNITY to overwhelm discord. We prayed for HEALING not more hurt. We prayed for LOVE to prevail.

- - - God answered. - - -

We are grateful for HIS merciful provision and continue to seek HIS guidance over our individual lives, community, and nation each day.

What actions are you taking to LIVE IN PEACE with one another?

How are you uniting in prayer for your community?


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1 Comment

Jeanette Zongker
Jeanette Zongker
Jun 24, 2020

To answer your questions, my family has literally prayed in the exact same way(s) & I feel that we've all had an impact, as we've been in agreement on these matters. I personally don't ever post anything political, nor do I involve myself in political discussions online, which can be taken all sorts of different ways, preferring to keep my thoughts to myself & stick to "peacemaking", instead... ;)

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