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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Although Valentine's Day is typically centered around romantic love and surprises for our sweethearts, I like to look a bit beyond all of that hype and see the love weaving in and out of our everyday lives.

Love is all around us - - - being spoken through gracious gestures, kind words, and humble acts of service.

Love is demonstrated.

Love was shown to my 101-year-old Grandma this week in many ways: phone calls, personal visits, a special cake, festive balloons, cards, and even a lil teddy bear.

My cousins gave her a hug for me and sent me a videoclip of their bday song to her. I loved hearing her laughter spill out! 💞

A staff member at her residence sent me some b-day photos and we shared a flurry of texts re: Grandma's amazing qualities, including her knack for cards!

All these small acts of kindness showered love on this sweet lady I'm honored to have as my Grandma.


Love is offered.

Loving gestures were shown to a friend this week as she continues through a journey of deep grief and another round of surgery.

Love has been delivered to her through meals, texts, phone calls, and friends simply being present with her to soften the sorrow of missing her soulmate.

Her church family is encouraging her through favorite verses and sweet affirmations on Bible Quilt templates she can add into her Bible Quilt journal when she's ready to wield her washi tape again. 😉


Love is remembering.

Love is pausing to remember those we've lost, cherishing old photos and wisps of memories that we've replayed over and over in our minds.

Love is lighting a candle to honor the anniversary of a loved one's birth, death, or other milestone. It's speaking that precious name aloud and sharing a poignant story, navigating around the tender parts that still hurt.

Love is walking through grief with someone else, sustaining them through unexpected tears and awkward turns of conversation.

Love is randomly contacting a friend or family member to check-in or intentionally acknowledging a special date to let them know you haven't forgotten their heartbreak.


Love is showing up.

Love is arriving at your girlfriend's office when she's working late, bringing her flowers...and maybe some tortilla soup, too.

Love is going to your grandkids' activities - shuffling between wrestling, scouts, ball games and orchestra concerts so they feel validated in their individual pursuits.

Love is playing around with your kids in the snow despite freezing your fingers and toes.

Love is your kids trudging out snow valentines to you along the way.


Love was shown in many ways in our Bible Quilting sessions this week.

Love was celebrated.

A woman created a BQ page to honor her 45th anniversary with her hubby, gathering up verses that they have relied on to get them through challenging times.

29 Days of Heart is going strong, celebrating LOVE shown in the Word.

Love was spoken.

Friends reconnected and offered each other support and encouragement through the ripple effect of divorce affecting their families.

Love was shared.

Valentine hearts were cut and pasted, sprinkled with glittery verses and bright washi tape.

A mother and daughter chatted about how they were going to celebrate as a family.

A long-distance friend sent me her "Oh How god Loves Me" pages - - - such a sweet valentine message in my in-box!


Beyond the chocolate wrappers, conversation hearts and flower petals of this valentine season, we all have the love of Jesus.

His Love is freely given.

"We love because He first loved us." I John 4:10


If loneliness or loss is tugging at you or you're feeling a bit unsettled today, remember that you are loved.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

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15 февр. 2020 г.

Mel, I'm glad this offered you some encouragement! 😊

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