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Giggles and the Gospel

When group members know each other, the jump into Bible Quilting is a little quicker and deeper.

They are already familiar with one another and share ideas easily. Laughter flows from shared experiences and connections they have in common.

Learning something new together pulls friends closer and creates a new path to explore together.

It's even more precious to see mothers and daughters join together at the table with their mutual friends.

Introducing a new group to Bible Quilting is a joy that continues to unfold differently with each unique gathering. I set out supplies and snacks, teach a few of the basic BQ elements, facilitate the process of starting journals, then step back to watch the Spirit at work.

Girls jump in immediately, enthusiastic to personalize their BQ journals in a bold way. Moms allow the girls' swell of excitement to lead the way and then ease into it with their own personal style.

I share tips I've learned through much practice and my own mistakes, offering encouragement or a gentle nudge for them to follow their own instincts.

As energy shifts to starting pages and harvesting verses, Moms tend to take the lead as they guide their daughters with encouraging prompts and gracious empowerment.

Attention turns toward seeking out scripture to add to their pages and a quietness envelopes the group. Individuals focus intently on the Word they're transferring into their journals, claiming truths and wisdom of scripture into their own handwriting.

Then as the session begins to come to a close, there's typically another scurry of activity through crafting stations and typically some "oohing" and "aahing" over each other's progress. Glittery washi tape and jeweled stickers get passed around one more time.

Smiles and giggles are exchanged as cute bags get packed up. I overhear the whispers of plans to Bible Quilt together again the next time they see each other.

I'm blessed to have these glimpses into special mother-daughter bonds and sweet friendships. I love to see their initial hesitancy transform into beautiful self-confidence as they've gotten recharged creatively in the Word.

As I say goodbye to these new friends, I never know what ripple effects their excitement for the Word of God will have on their circles of influence.

Yet when Katie and I escort them to the door, I know that the Lord has plans for each of them to further His kingdom work in a delightful way.

Til next time, friends!


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Unknown member
Mar 10, 2020

Thanks for sharing Dianna!

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