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Bible Quilting from A to Z

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

2020 has been a crazy year no doubt about it!

Amidst all the uncertainties churned up by this pandemic, I've enjoyed the predictability of focusing on a letter each week to add some fun & colorful verses to my ABC Bible Quilt Journal.

If you've been following along in our #abcsofthebible series since January, we're wrapping up with the letter "Z" this week for our first round through the alphabet.

I love this cute zippered "Z" that my friend, Jeanette Z, designed for the ABC Bible Quilt journal!

Interested in starting your own journey through the ABCs of the Bible? Or maybe you'd like to get your kids started on this fun project?

Here's a peek of the ABC Bible Quilt Journal:

This version of the Bible Quilt Journal provides just enough structure to get you organized yet enough freedom to allow your own creativity to flourish. Do verses for one letter each week & you can get through the alphabet twice in a year. (26 letters x 2 = 52 weeks in a year)

If you're Bible Quilting long-distance with a friend or grandkid, it's easy to pick a letter to work together on each week. You can text photos or verse ideas back and forth to keep the momentum going. Since we've all gotten "trained" on various online meeting platforms, you could even coordinate a Zoom session with a friend or family member to create your letter pages together!

Need some ABC ideas to get started?

Check out the ABC board on the website. I've got a separate post for each letter of the alphabet. Other Bible Quilters are adding their pages in the Comments section after each letter, so you'll also get a peek at a variety of #biblequilting styles! Please share yours!!

Confused about how to navigate the ABC boards on the website?

Click this link: help re: the ABC boards

Separate template pages are available for each letter if you'd like to personalize a page with your own initial as a fun way to get started!

...or maybe you'd like to personalize a page for your family? For example, the Williamson family could find verses of attributes they're trying to build in their family (e.g. wisdom, hiding God's WORD in their hearts, etc.)

Working together on ABC pages would be a meaningful activity for family devotions! Young kiddos will love coloring. Elementary ages are eager to brainstorm fun words like AWESOME to ZEAL to hunt down action verses. This is a great way to engage your kids this summer!

ABCs of the BIBLE patchwork template


Are you stuck on how to attach tabs in your ABC #biblequiltjournal? Follow along with these girls that I helped during a Zoom chat:

Bible Quilting scriptures from A to Z is a fun way to engage in the Word. It's a meaningful way to create with verses reflecting a variety of themes and interesting characters from the Bible. Once you've got some pages completed, it's a visually appealing collection of scripture that you can use as a devotional resource.

Here's an overview of some of my ABC Bible Quilt pages I've been journaling this past year:

Hop into the #abcsofthebible series anytime and go at your own pace, developing your own style along the way. If you start with "A" next week and continue to do a letter each week, you'll be to "Z" by the end of the year!


"The Word of God is living and active..." Hebrews 4:12


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1 Comment

Jeanette Zongker
Jeanette Zongker
Jul 05, 2020

Thanks for the "shout-out" Dianna! I loved contributing to this community project! I guess my thoughts in creating the "Z" image for the page, were that it needed zig-zags & zippers! ;)

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