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These are your reference lists for the fourth quarter of 2021 as we wrap up our year in the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. Once they are printed and cut, they can be used as a bookmark and slipped into the book pocket of your journal. Embellish with seasonal stickers and/or stitch lines if you'd like.


October - 31 Days of God's Provision

November - 30 Days of Mercy

December - 31 Days of Peace


Occasionally we'll find an error in a reference after the lists have been released. You can substitute your own verse or let me know & I'll contact the creator of the list, so we can correct it for everyone.


October Day 6 update: Luke 12:24 (corrected on this download)


You can use this reference list in conjunction with the Month-by-Month Bible Quilt journal or simply use it for a 2-page spread on a 30/31-day template set that you can attach to your Bible Quilt journal.


You can also utilize this list to create a flip card set on these topics that can be used for a quick resource.


Enter coupon code FREELIST to get this reference list as a free download.

Oct-Dec 2021 reference lists: Provision, Mercy, Peace

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