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Monthly Bible Quilt Journal: 2023 Year in Review

We've had a wonderful exploration of scripture this year, diving into twelve topics and creating seasonal pages along the way in our "Building on a Firm Foundation" Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. I'm grateful to the members of our Bible Quilting community who collaborated with me to construct the monthly reference lists of scripture.

If you've shared in this journey, you've Bible Quilted 365 daily verses plus whatever additional pages you did in between. These pages will be a great resource for years to come!

January 2023: Prayer

February 2023: Discernment

Discernment in Monthly Bible Quilt Journal
Discernment, page 2

March 2023: Word of God

April 2023: Salvation

May 2023: Holy Spirit

June 2023: Presence of God

July 2023: Worship Him!

September 2023: Loving Your Neighbor

October 2023: Service

November 2023: Hospitality

December 2023: Home & Family

If you missed this round, you can still purchase the 2023 Journal either in print or as a printable, utilizing these sample pages to help spur you on! It is undated so it can be used any year.

Curious regarding what topics we've covered in

all the Monthly BQ journals?

You may search the blog posts for an overview and reference list for each. Here's an overall summary of the topics we've done as a community:

Monthly Topics in BQJ (2020 - 2023)
Download PDF • 152KB

Order the 2024 Monthly BQJ and go for it!


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