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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Welcome sign at Turquoise Table

In November we're going to explore the topic of HOSPITALITY using the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, "Building on a Firm Foundation."

If you don't have the Monthly BQJ, you can follow along with us using the BQ Calendar, another BQ journal, or whatever personal study materials you have that fit this particular season of your life.

I did a freestyle page on hospitality a couple years ago, which will give you another idea of how you can use our collection of verses this month.

Hospitality page in my Bible Quilt Journal

You may access the year's full list of references as a free printable with code FREELIST. They're formatted as bookmarks, so cut out the one on Hospitality and let's get started!

Add the dates on the November calendar page by handwriting them, stamping, or applying stickers. Then add the daily verses, the next BQ Zoom chat, BQ in-person Craft session, and whatever devotional goals you may have for the month.

Cut out the colorful "Hospitality" title from the back of the journal to adhere to the page. Then color and decorate with washi tape or seasonal stickers however you'd like!

November page in 2023 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Thanks to Stephanie, a local Bible Quilter in Tulsa, for curating our collection of verses this month.

30 Days of Hospitality reference list and flip card set

Writing out the scriptures onto a flip card set helps us become familiar with the verses and the surrounding passages to understand it in context. Once completed, the flip cards make a handy personal reference or a resource to share with a friend who might need extra encouragement from the Word.

If you want to shorten the time spent prepping your flip cards, we've got a digital version of all the verses typed out and formatted. Just print and cut, then slide the cards onto a binder ring!

After you've gotten your scriptures gathered up, you're all set to begin the 2-page spread in the Monthly BQ Journal. It's also available as a printable if you don't have the journal or would like an extra to share with a friend.

2-page remplage for Hospitality

It will be so rewarding as these pages fill up with beautiful scripture!

Hospitality, day 1, in Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

We also have the featured template of the month, the Welcome Mat. We can use verses from our reference list that impact us or create with additional scriptures we've discovered along the way as we've studied this topic.

welcome mat  #biblequiltjournal template

I started my page by coloring in the elements. I'll let it percolate for a while, then start collecting verses to quilt in.

It's hard to believe, but it's almost November and the season to focus on our blessings.

Let's open our doors to extend a welcome to all the Lord leads our way!

November in 2023 BQ Calendar
November in 2023 BQ Calendar

Mark your calendars for our upcoming BQ events to discuss this month's topic of hospitality and swap ideas about some fall-inspired BQ pages:


Resources that might be helpful to you this month:


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