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Word for the Year 2024

It's that time again. Are you closing in on a word/phrase for 2024?

Grace was my "Word for the Year" in 2023. I steeped in it, especially during challenging times. I must say it was pretty cool to have a word that had its own theme song! 🎶

What insights did you gain from YOUR word? Have one in mind for 2024?

After praying and contemplating for a while, I settled on the word CONNECT. I wanted something that honed my focus on relationships with God, family, and community. I like the parallel emphasis on unity that comes with joining in alignment with one another.

I used a combo of stickers for the title, using a different color for the ONE within the word Connect to tease out the emphasis on unity.

I cut out the definition of connect from an old dictioniary I keep on hand for this purpose. I like to review the various meanings and use synonyms to help broaden my search for scriptures related to my word.

Once I had my verses quilted in, I finished off the page with some floral embellishments and shading. I used flowers to symbolize growth and flourishing together as we abide in Him.

I still have some space at the top to add more later, but for now I'm going to leave it as is.

2024 BQ Calendar

As I explored verses for my Monthly BQJ, I selected some for my calendar as well. I made this one a little more personal, thinking about various aspects of my life in which I'd like to enhance connections. I want to develop a lens of looking at how everything is held together by God, fulfilling His ultimate design and purpose.

Since I have a son getting married this year. I was interested in having scripture related to marriage and parenting. My other selected verses focus on mutual encouragement, harmony, church fellowship, and praying over my leadership in the BQ community.

I hope outlining my process helps YOU get some ideas. Remember that this does not have to be done all at once; the page can develop as you deepen your exploration of your word throughout the year.

Optional templates for your Word for the Year:


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