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These blank tabs will give you a jumpstart on setting up your Bible Quilt journal into sections of your choosing. 


Download, print..and cut. Play around with the shapes. These can be cut as squares, circles or even half-circle/half-square! Consider printing out on colored card stock to have a designated tab section for a particular topic in your BQ journal.


Write your topic on the top half of the tab and add to your Bible Quilt page. You can color and attach them all at once so that you have several pages prepped. Or, add tabs as you creat pages so you can color coordinate.


Attach the tabs to your journal by gluing the bottom half to the edge of your journal page, leaving the top half peeking over the edge. You can add a strip of washi tape across the tab to reinforce it on the page.


Stagger the tabs to allow for visibility. 

Blank circle tabs

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