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Thirsty Pursuits

In the sultry days of August, we tend to develop a keener appreciation of the concept of being parched, don't we?

As I was lugging my water tumbler around with me the other day, I reflected on the blessings of having clean water immediately accessible to quench my thirst. (Occasionally I even treat myself to a fresh taste of mint to enhance my water.)

- - - What else do we thirst for in these sultry days? - - -

What if we perpetually thirsted for the Word like we thirst for water?

What if we continually sought a way to quench our soul thirst through a true relationship with Jesus?

"Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me and drink." John 7:37

My sis-in-law designed a cactus BQ page over a year ago and last week I got a chance to play around with it. Maybe you are in a dry spell and want to try a cactus cutie template?

Cactus template for Bible Quilt Journal

As we've been plodding along through a pandemic, we have likely all become a bit too familiar with being parched from social connections, church accountability partners, and friends who fill us up.

Cactus Cutie template for Bible Quilt journal, in progress

Now that things have been opening back up, we can reconnect with others and pray over our relationships to flourish once again. We may even have to juggle our quiet time priorities to balance them out with all the "busy" activities kicking up again.

Thirsty for the Word... cactus template, in progress

Whenever we carve out time to dig into His Word and engage with others in Christian fellowship, the Lord is always there to refresh us like a stream of water in the desert.

Thirsty for the Word on Cactus Cutie BQ template

This was a fun page to do as I contemplated our daily replenishment in Scripture. The Lord certainly satisfies the thirsty! (Psalm 107:9)

I finished it off by color blocking some of the quilt squares and using some cactus stickers I located.

Finished cactus template page

Have succulents in your house?

Try displaying your completed BQ page by them for an added pop of visual interest!

Bible Reading tracker - the WORD

Speaking of visuals, I'm gradually coloring in my progress of Bible reading using the BQ tracker.

Recently I've been slugging through Kings and Chronicles as well as some of the minor prophets. The challenges we face today seem like nothing compared to what some of these prophets endured! We can learn some lessons re: being steadfast from several of these historic figures.

How's your Bible reading going?

Hopefully you're discovering ways to quench your spiritual thirst as you navigate your own reading path! You're welcome to join our BQ Zoom chat this week to discuss what's working (not working?) for you. It's always an encouraging exchange of ideas and support!


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