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The Elements of the Armor of God

August is truckin' right along and we're well on our journey through the Armor of God.

Once you've done a page on the Armor of God passage from Ephesians 6, you may want to explore each element a little further.

Mary Jo designed some templates for us to dive in to the Armor of God, harvesting scriptures from other areas of the Bible.

Belt of Truth page in Bible Quilt Journal
Belt of Truth page by Mary Jo

I printed mine out on different colors of card stock, then added embellishments of stickers and washi tape. I used color pencils and other times I shaded with gelato pastels.

Breastplate of Righteousness page in Bible Quilt Journal
Breastplate of Righteousness

Mary Jo put a modern spin on the "sandals fitted with the gospel of peace." Check out her stylish template!

Shoes of Peace page in Bible Quilt Journal
Shoes of Peace

We've explored the topic of FAITH before, so you can access that series for ideas re: how to complete your Shield of Faith page.

Shield of Faith page in Bible Quilt Journal
Shield of Faith

It's almost football season in which teams engage in ongoing battle between the offensive and defensive sides, much like the spiritual warfare going on around us. Mary Jo put a fun spin on the "helmet" of salvation!

As you ARMOR UP, it's a great time to use some metallic pens!

Sword of the Spirit page in Bible Quilt Journal
Sword of the Spirit

You're welcome to watch this replay of a recent BQ chat to hear the discussion of how others in the community may use this 8-piece template set:

Alrighty, friends.... ready to dive in to each of these elements??

The set also includes a summary BQ template (pictured below) and a Shield template, which was shown at the beginning of this post.

This is a wonderful topic to invite kids/grandkids to Bible Quilt along with you!

Bible Quilting Armor of God with college students
Bible Quilting with college students

Let's wrap our students up in the Armor of God for this school year, personalizing BQ pages and praying over their ventures back into the school environment.

Bible Quilting the Armor of God (using gelatos on the Shield template)


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