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THE Cornerstone

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

"the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone." Psalm 118:22
using brick stencil along #biblequiltjournal page

Since our theme this year in the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal is about building on a FIRM foundation, I found a brick stencil* to use as "building material" along the way.

This morning I experimented with the stencil, placing it along the edge of a blank page in my journal. I chose a neutral pastel gelato that resembled a natural stone color to fill in the gaps of the stencil.

I held the stencil in place with strips of washi and tried to brush lightly with the applicator to avoid smudging into the thin lines separating the brick pattern.

daubing pastel gelatos onto brick stencil

I filled in a whole column on the left side of the page, then decided to add a brick border along the bottom of the page.

brick as background texture for #biblequiltjournal page

I liked the uneven edges, so I continued this look across to the other side of the page also.

"Look, I have laid a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious CORNERSTONE a sure foundation; the one who believes will be unshakable."

I began writing in my selected scriptures, using the brick pattern to maintain linear stitch lines between the verses.

adding scriptures to Cornerstone page in Bible Quilt journal

As I've been reading through the weighty book of Job this week, I was reminded that God as Creator established everything on the earth.

The Lord was present for all of Job's struggles and ours.

HE laid the cornerstone...

Bible quilting passage from Job on Cornerstone page

I cut apart some rectangular stickers and added these onto some of the bricks as a reminder that we need to be still with the Lord and remember all the wonderful things He did out of love for us.

adding stickers onto brick background

I filled in the gap with another verse from the Old Testament, then added some brick-ish stickers I had.

Cornerstone #biblequiltjournal page, in progress

I finished off the page with a couple of verses from the New Testament, noting how they linked back to the foundational Scriptures in the Old Testament.

Cornerstone page in Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

This is one of my favorite things about Bible Quilt journaling: seeing how scriptures from the Old and New Testament connect over time, reminding us of God's Truth underlying His grace and mercy for us. It's remarkable to consider how He established the earth and set all this in motion to bring Jesus to us.

May we build upon His sure foundation and be ever grateful for Jesus, our precious CORNERSTONE.


*Amazon affiliate links for stencil and gelato pastels, sponge applicators

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1 Comment

Mel Kraft
Mel Kraft
Jan 15, 2023

Oh I love this! Jesus is THE Cornerstone! I had to order the stencil.

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