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Our lands are parched from worry and uncertainty.

Our anxious souls are thirsty for a reprieve from desolate and discouraging news.

Our households are streaming entertainment and videochats as we seek distraction and reach out to commiserate with others.

Our spirits are restless, seeking solace in prayer and trying to maintain community through #athome church services.

Our bodies are in limbo as we ricochet between hopeful productivity and ambivalent idleness.

Our bustling kitchens are in high gear to provide an endless stream of meals & snacks, attempting to nourish our loved ones with special treats and comfort foods.

Our hands are busy, keeping up with increased chores, catching up on projects, gardening, playing games, and crafting.

Through all the turmoil and angst, God IS with us. He knows we are weary and troubled.

He will provide a WAY out of this crisis and restore us according to HIS plan.

" grant him relief from days of trouble." Psalm 94:13

(#31daysofrest day#29)

We wait.

We pray.

We seek the Lord to sustain us.

We cling to His Word and rest in His Promises.

We tenaciously stand firm on His truths.

We continue to wade through this mess to receive...

~ ~ HIS Grace and Mercy ~~

streaming toward us.


"...I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:19


Thanks to @twstudios for the online ART PARTY and credit to @creativelybeth for the adorable cactus print to use as an illustration in my #biblequiltjournal

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