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Soulful slow-down

How do you approach your "quiet time" with the Lord? Some of us may have a routine we've established over the years while others may catch moments throughout the day that accumulate into a sense of connection as the day unfolds.

Tuning in... opening up... settling in...

I recently had a friend tell me that "Bible Quilting is a wonderful way to posture our hearts toward Jesus."

This resonated for me personally as I'm aware of how elements of Bible Quilting really do make me slow down.

Shading backgrounds or coloring in letters is one way I gain some stillness in my day.

Recently I invited my teens to color some BQ tabs with me and I got to see how this simple activity slowed us all down.

The lull of the pencils swooshing back and forth had a calming effect.

We each seemed to pause when considering another color . . . gazing at our progress then selecting the next pencil.

Conversation came in bits and pieces as we engaged in this quiet activity together, letting other demands fall away as we surrendered to simply coloring.

If you've got family members that aren't "in" to Bible Quilting like you are, consider some small ways that you can engage them in a roundabout fashion: coloring or cutting out tabs, brainstorming topics, washi taping the edges of your journal, or writing one verse on a family page.


Bring your BQ supplies out to a family zone to encourage greater involvement.


My boys are growing so fast, maturing in a variety of ways and zipping off in different directions all the time. It's good for this mother's heart to fill up with some quiet times with them, simply being present and not following any agenda.

A soulful slow-down... good for all of us!


"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10


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