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Step by Step

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Building TRUST with someone is something we have to do intentionally day after day.

In our journey of faith, we also have to intentionally TRUST the Lord step after step on whatever path we're on.


When my Mom was going through her cancer journey, she encouraged others along the way. She engaged with each person who entered her hospital room.

They opened up to her warmth and genuine caring approach.

She made #biblequiltjournal pages for nurses and techs, personalizing them in sweet ways that gave them even more impact. She shared her Jesus with whoever would listen, shining His Light despite the heavy diagnosis she carried.

I recently rediscovered this photo of Mom and one of the many people she reached out to during her various hospitalizations. I remember her talking so earnestly to this gal, but had forgotten that she had made a BQJ page on trust for her. When I zoomed in on the picture, I realized Mom had used many of the verses I've been focusing on this month creating my own BQJ page on trust.

These scriptures are well tested and true - - - no matter how rocky our paths may be.


We have to trust in the Lord even when we don't know what our next steps are . . . when the path isn't straight or clear.

Life throws a lot of heartache, pain, and loss at us.. especially during a pandemic.

I'm grateful that we have Stepping Stones of Faith along the way. We can pray, reach out for support and use our challenges to build our testimonies stronger for Him.

In this world of darkness, we can give glory to God despite our circumstances and shine His Light even brighter.

The Lord is WITH us through the deep waters of life.

We need to hold tight and keep taking the next step of faith through the storms.

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

and whenever you pass through the waters,

they will NOT sweep over you..." Isaiah 44:2

We have Hope in Him. He's IN the storms and raging waters WITH us.

We need to remain steadfast, trusting in Him, with each slippery step we take.

Keep trusting, friend. God's got this!


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