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Back-to-School BQ Prayer Pages

School buses are curling their way through our neighborhoods and my driveway bus stop is back in action once again. It's so fun to observe the various ages as they gather!

The elementary kiddos are eager and chat about their new backpacks, forming actual lines as they've been trained to do in the school environment.

The intermediate kiddos find a shady spot on the curb and adapt a relaxed posture as they wait together in pairs.

The middle schoolers and not-yet-driving high schoolers amble slowly, phones in hand and AirPods in ears, as they approach and stand independently, not making eye contact with us early morning walkers.

I often pray over these kiddos, their parents and teachers, the underappreciated bus drivers, and all the school staff that support the learning environment. My neighbor friend, Mary Jo, has taken her school-focused prayers a step further by making BQ pages for each of her grandchildren.

She entered their grade, put their name in bold stickers, and added school-related embellishments such as book-themed washi tape. Mary Jo slipped each completed template into an acrylic frame (as we've discussed before as a way to display BQ pages), then attached a note and after school snack money on the back. Isn't that a wonderful way to support grandchildren throughout the school year??

Our BQ community is full of intentional, scripture-loving, family-oriented women like Mary Jo and I'm blessed by each one!

Mary Jo graciously contributed her design to share with the BQ community and I divided them into two sets. The lunchbag set includes one template with the '23-'24 school year in the title and another one that is blank, so you can use this for any school year, a class, or specific school. Use code BACK2SCHOOL to get $2 off a template in the school theme category.

You can also do pages for teacher friends or as Teacher Appreciation gifts for your kiddos' teachers.

Our teachers work SO hard and face numerous challenges each day as they adjust to all the new protocols for the school environment. They are building a sense of community within their classrooms and can certainly use extra prayer coverage for patience and perseverance!

I'm starting a page for my daughter-in-law who is a first year teacher and is facing a lot of unexpected challenges already.

Prayer page for teacher in #biblequiltjournal
Prayer page for teacher

There are SO many ways to use these cute templates! Can't wait to see what ideas and verses you all have for these!

teacher and student

Although the designated "Teacher Appreciation Week" is typically scheduled in May, you can decorate or color copy a BQ prayer page for them at any time during the school year!

I'll have some of these new templates at our upcoming in-person BQ session, so come join us as we pray over the new school year adventures for our family members!

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