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Praying over Marriage

Updated: Feb 27

Some of you may know that my husband and I recently became empty nesters. The house is quiet, especially after a busy season of family life as we launched each of our boys onto their new adventures.

So, it's only natural that we've been discussing "what's next?" and talking about new routines and couples' goals for our next phase of life.

Anytime we pass a milestone is a good time to "up our prayer game."

I pulled out a BQ page I did years ago on the Marriage template to review.

This is one of my favorites because my husband helped write in some of the scriptures, unifying our page in "togetherness."

If you have an anniversary coming up, the Marriage template is a good choice for capturing verses of celebration and commitment.

You can incorporate photos of "highlight" moments of your marriage.

"Therefore what God has joined together let no one separate."
Mark 10:9

Here are a couple sweet examples created by a local friends.

Our Bible Quilting friend, MaryJo, shared some verses on marriage with us that she named the "Beatitudes of Marriage."

This collection of scripture can be a decorated set of flip cards, which can become a wonderful prayer resource and a foundation for some inspirational BQ pages.

Flip card set of scriptures on marriage

Praying over our marriages is an important practice. We can also use these resources to bless those that are engaged and about to embark on their own wedded journeys.

Beatituded of Marriage, p 1, in 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal
"Bee" Attitudes of Marriage, page 1

Beatitudes of Marriage, page 2, in 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal
"Bee" Attitudes of Marriage, page 2

Video overview of how my pages developed:

What other ideas do you have regarding creating with scripture related to our marital relationships?

Join our next Zoom chat to brainstorm along with other Bible Quilters and to discuss ideas for spring pages!

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