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Post-it Promises

This month our topic is the Promises of God. It's hard not to think about a rainbow since God used this as a very colorful reminder of His faithfulness to never flood the earth again.

I found a Rainbow sticky note pad, which inspired me to do a brightly colored post-it page using our verses from this month.

I lined up my rainbow-colored post-it notes, securing them temporarily in place with bits of washi tape.

Note: If you don't have the colors of sticky notes that you'd like, consider cutting some scrapbook paper or card stock for the same effect.

Next I glued them all down and made a washi tape border all the way around. Have fun with this part! Mix and match patterns and colors to your own liking!

I added stitch lines with a gold metallic pen to match my gold title, Promises.

Then I filled in the colorful post-it squares with scriptures.

A few strips of washi tape and stickers added as final embellishments and I've got a colorful page to reflect on as I cling to His promises each day, facing whatever challenge lies ahead.

Do you have some favorite scriptures that you return to over and over? Consider making a post-it page to gather them all up in one place and display it in a frequently used area of your home. It will bless you and anyone else who happens to see it!

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So many possibilities!

Sincerity post-it page

You can also dive right into these post-it template pages that are both vertical and horizontal:

Once you're on a roll with rainbows, you may want to try one of the Rainbow templates. These are so much fun to fill with colorful washi tape!

I recently formatted the Genesis 9:14-15 passage about rainbows to fit onto the Rainbow 2 template. You can print on card stock or sticker paper, then use one on your post-it page. This printable has 16 copies of the verse, so you could use it with your kiddos, a Sunday School class, Bible study group or use the extras to make note cards to encourage others.

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